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Johannesburg Hotel Tips for South Africa
Flag of South AfricaWelcome to our Hotel Tips on Johannesburg
On this page we list hotel properties in Johannesburg. Some of the properties we included from Johannesburg are luxury hotels and resorts, tourist hotels and guesthouses, that are a bit outside of Johannesburg. Most properties in Johannesburg accept online reservations, but if you can't reserve the property online, we list both the phone and fax number of the property in Johannesburg. For your reference we also included a map of Johannesburg, so you can see the exact location of each Hotel or Serviced Apartment in Johannesburg. We also added a recent photo of Johannesburg from South Africa. Due to the current global financial crisis many hotels and resorts in Johannesburg have seen a drop in revenues and have lowered room rates for both corporate clients and tourists that frequently visit Johannesburg.

Hotels in Johannesburg, South Africa

We have listed here hotels from Johannesburg, that offer value for money for visitors to Johannesburg in South Africa. If you have a limited budget during your visit to Johannesburg, you could search for an inbound tour company in Johannesburg that offers hotel reservations in Johannesburg or find an outbound operator that offers all-inclusive packages to to South Africa, which includes the flights tickets to to South Africa and accommodation during your stay in Johannesburg.

Airport Hotel and Conference Centre Johannesburg (Mezzanine Level, Terminal 3)
Grace in Rosebank Johannesburg (54 Bath Avenue)
Holiday Inn Express Hotels and Suites Johannesburg (8, South Boulevard)
Holiday Inn Garden Court Johannesburg (Ernest Oppenheimer Drive)
Michelangelo On Sandton Square Johannesburg (West Street Deodar, Sandown)
Protea Hotel Transit Johannesburg (3rd Floor, Terminal 6, Johannesburg International Airport)
Saxon Hotel Johannesburg (36 Saxon Road)
Westcliff Johannesburg (67 Jan Smuts Avenue, Westcliff)

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