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Grand Bahama IslandMost of the beaches here in the island of the Bahamas are white as well as being perfect. That is why a beach lover ought to visit the best beaches here. The water in most of the beaches is shallow and clear and rises gradually from the depths. Grand Bahamas Island have the most beautiful and exotic beaches. Because of being so popular these beaches are often crowded but the sporting facilities are available over here.

The main beach on Grand Bahama Island is Gold Rock Beach which is a secluded beach with BBQ pits, picnic tables and benches and a spectacular low tide. The Lucayan Caverns lie just north of this beach and it is the world's longest underground surveyed cave system.

Barbary Beach is perfect for those who would love to go visit a more secluded beach. Beautiful seashells can be collected from this beach. During the months of May and June there's a spectacular display of white spider lilies. It is believed by many that this beach is indeed the most beautiful among the rest in all of the Grand Bahama Island.

The Taino, Churchill and Fortune beaches are located in the Lucaya are and are less crowded. They are the best of beaches if you want to relax and be far from civilization.

Grand Bahama Island is a place that is yet to be discovered for its ecological wonders. This island is unique for its teeming marine life and for the attractive beaches with emerald green water and exciting fishing villages.

You can find anything to suit your needs in here - from golf courses to shopping, casinos and nightlife, to hiking in a nature preserve. Even the one who is most demanding will be satisfied when he gets here. Snorkeling, kayaking and windsurfing are the most popular sporting activities here.

Map of Grand Bahama Island, Bahamas

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