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The Andros Islands of the Bahamas

Andros IslandsAndros, the famous island of Sir Henry Morgan is the largest and yet the least explored of all the islands in the Bahamas. This is a place that everybody would like and enjoy a stay here for it provides entertainment and activity for just about anybody.

Andros is famous as the bone fishing capital in the world. The total area is of 2,300-square-miles. It is proud of having the second-largest reef in the Northern Hemisphere. The oldest dive resort of the planet is situated over here. The average temperature of the water here, all the year round, is about 80�F. People come here for diving or snorkeling and the crystal clear blue waters present an over flowing and abundant marine life that is extremely charming to every tourist and visitor and of course the student of nature.

The clear blue waters of the islands are full of life. Here can be seen over forty different kinds of wild orchids, rare, endemic birds, wild boar, iguanas as long as four feet. Recently a tribal group was discovered as well and they make their homes among the miles of deserted beaches, freshwater mud flats, thick brush, lush pine forests and inland waterways that make up this Atlantic oasis.

It is the same island that is supposed to have the treasure of Sir Henry Morgan buried in its earth and is also thought of as the home to the two mythical creatures called the chickcharnies and Lusca.

The locals are called the Androsians. These people are really peace loving and are skilled in artistry. They are also craftsmen. Their origin dates back to the Seminole Indians, runaway slaves from Florida and an ethnic mix of different people from Africa to South America.

The people of the island are really hospitable and they invite visitors and tourists i.e. you to come and take a look around their beautiful home. Whether you are someone who loves the very many sports or someone who loves nature - you will find it all in the same place called the Andros Islands.

Water Sports
Every kind of water sport that comes in mind is popular here in the Bahamas and in the Andros islands as the water temperature is always at an average of about 80F. The clarity of the water in here surprises the divers as well as marine biologists. The rich quality of the dive sites provide them with a lot of material for study. The shallow-water coral gardens are easily accessible and this makes the snorkellers very happy.

Map of Andros Islands, Bahamas

Residential Calculator for Andros
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