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The Bimini Islands of the Bahamas

The American visitors love the Bimini islands as the place is the closest from the coast of Florida and from this island, at night, one can see the glow of the Miami Beach. This place is also loved by the tourists from other countries.

Apart from being situated at a very good location the place has many other attractions as well. Bimini Islands are world famous because of the game called fishing. Fishing tournaments serve as a major attraction to the place extending from spring to fall. Almost every weekend holds some tournament or the other.

Apart from fishing, diving and yachting are also immensely popular around the islands. What the visitors and tourists might enjoy the most, however, might be just to chill and relax on a sun-bathed beach.

Bimini Islands

Bimini islands are therefore the ideal place for anybody whether a tourist is looking for some hyper activity or for a relaxation during the weekend, whether it is for just a few days or for a longer stay.

Sailing and Boating on Bimini
Around the calm water of the Bimini Islands yachtsmen enjoy their time riding through on a boat or even residing there for long. North Bimini, South Bimini, Gun Cay or Cat Cay - all these docks are available to the many boaters and here they can choose to stock up on supplies. They also get to experience the local atmosphere of the clubs and Bahamas Resorts along the shore.

Map of Bimini Islands, Bahamas

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