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The Exuma Islands of the Bahamas

Exuma IslandsMainly it is for the fishing and boating activities that one comes to the Exuma Islands as this place is world famous for both of these activities. The sailing is made amazingly beautiful with the presence of the picturesque islands that stretch for miles and more and the cays and hidden coves. Both for recreational purposes and for yachting, people enjoy sailing in here as well as all around the Islands of the Bahamas.

Here the temperature stays around 78F all the year round. The rolling hills in the horizon and the wide sandy beaches as well as the beautiful crystal clear waters give life to some of the most amazing creatures of the world. Several rare birds and exotic reptiles as well as many colorful fish reside in The Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park. This is also the home for astounding species of flora. These shallow waters teem with life and this is what the snorkellers find to be very attractive and adventurous. The divers here get to explore the huge coral reef or Exuma Sound. The Exuma Sound is full of caves, blue holes and shipwrecks.

About 3,600 people inhabit the Exuma Islands. They mainly depend on farming, fishing and tourism for their livelihood. The island is dotted with ruins of earlier settlements, outdoor markets, and quaint farming communities.

Many fruits and vegetables are exported from these islands to the various parts of the globe like fresh pineapple, tasty tomatoes, juicy guava, sweet mangoes, huge avocados and pigeon peas. The Exuma Islands have been the chosen spot for many movie locations and are quite popular in Hollywood. More than any other island in the Bahamas these islands has been spotted twice in the James Bond movies. Whatever it is that you might be looking for - be it boating, fishing, diving, ecotourism or escapism - you are sure to find it here in The Exuma Islands.

Little Exuma -- Tropic of Cancer Beach
The longest beach in the island of Exuma as well as the best one is known as Little Exuma. The water here is blue-green and is bordered by pale sand. The tropic of cancer runs right through this beach and usually you will find this beach quite deserted and therefore is a perfect spot for a loner.

Great Exuma -- Beachfront Hotels
This is one of the beaches that you ought to visit when you get to the islands of the Bahamas even though it is not that popular as a beach.

Shroud Cay
This is a beach that has a large mangrove density and is to be visited by the casual tourist for experience.

Map of Exuma Islands, Bahamas

Residential Calculator for Exuma
Expatriates or overseas property investors that would like to purchase or rent a property in Exuma, you should try our Property Residential Calculator for Exuma.

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