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bahamas foodThe staple of the Bahamian diet is seafood. Conch, which is pronounced as "konk", is very popular as a source of meat. It is actually a large type of ocean mollusk. It has a firm, white, peach-fringed meat. Fresh and uncooked conch is delicious and is loved by the people here as well as enjoyed by the tourists from all over the world. The conch meat is sliced with a knife. After that the slices are sprinkled all over with lime juice and spices to give it the delicious flavor. Apart from eaten fresh and raw conch meat is also deep fried or steamed. Sometimes it is added to the soups and sometimes to the salads or even stews. Conch chowder and conch fritters are also made out of it.

Another delicacy is the famous Bahamian Rock Lobster which is a spiny variety of the lobster and this one is without the claws. The rock lobster is served broiled, minced or used in salads. Some of the other delicacies include boiled or baked land crabs. These crabs are seen everywhere, running across roads after dark.

The cooking dishes of the Bahamas, also consists of fresh fish. A very popular brunch of the nation is boiled fish served with grits. If it is done in the right way then it is said to be the best way to enjoy the taste of a fresh catch.

A local specialty is stew fish which is usually made with celery, onions, tomatoes and various spices. Many of the dishes are accompanied by pigeon peas and rice. Now this is indeed the infamous peas 'n' rice which is served throughout the Caribbean islands and the dish is served with spices, tomatoes and onions.

Apart from being used in the various dishes of fresh fish peas is also a major ingredient in the various Bahamian soups. The pea soup with dumplings and salt beef and the familiar split pea and ham soup are just two of the many pea-based broths.

One soup that is made only throughout the Caribbean islands and the Bahamas is the souse which is pronounced as "sowse". This soup is made up of water, onions, lime juice, celery, peppers and meat and no thickeners are added to it. Often times chicken or sheep's tongue or oxtail or pig's feet are added to the souse. The meat gives it a delicious flavor which tourists and visitors love to taste.

You can not find any cuisine over this place that appears to be tasteless or mild. Usually everything that is cooked here and eaten here is spicy, subtly and uniquely flavored with local meats and produce. The food eaten throughout the island has been largely influenced by the American South. One very popular example of this influence is the "fish 'n' grits" mentioned above.

Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are popular in the Islands of the Bahamas and they are a highly developed specialty throughout the nation. The bars over here present their own special blends of rum punch and they are proud of it. Kalik is the beer of the Bahamas. This drink is unusually light and wheaty. It is served well-chilled so that it helps to cool the body after the day's heat.

Coconut water is the best choice as a refresher over here in these islands of the Bahamas. Often times the coconut water is mixed with gin and sweet milk to give it a better taste. There is also another popular drink called Switcher. Switcher is made with native limes. People who have tasted it believe that it is better than any other citrus drink by far.

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