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Islands of the Bahamas

The Abaco Islands
The Abaco Islands are a haunt for boating and sailing for the locals as well as the tourists and visitors to the islands of the Bahamas. The major islands of this small archipelago are Great and Little Abaco, with the off-lying cays of Elbow Cay, Man-O-War Cay, Green Turtle Cay, Guana Cay, Stranger's Cay, Umbrella Cay and Walker's Cay completing the string.

Andros Island
Andros, the famous island of Sir Henry Morgan is the largest and yet the least explored of all the islands in the Bahamas. This is a place that everybody would like and enjoy a stay here for it provides entertainment and activity for just about anybody.

The Bimini Islands
Beaches of BahamasBimini Islands are world famous because of the game called fishing. Fishing tournaments serve as a major attraction to the place extending from spring to fall. Almost every weekend holds some tournament or the other.

The Exuma Islands
Mainly it is for the fishing and boating activities that one comes to the Exuma Islands as this place is world famous for both of these activities. The sailing is made amazingly beautiful with the presence of the picturesque islands that stretch for miles and more and the cays and hidden coves. Both for recreational purposes and for yachting, people enjoy sailing in here as well as all around the Islands of the Bahamas.

Grand Bahama Island
Most of the beaches here in the island of the Bahamas are white as well as being perfect. That is why a beach lover ought to visit the best beaches here. The water in most of the beaches is shallow and clear and rises gradually from the depths. Grand Bahamas Island have the most beautiful and exotic beaches. Because of being so popular these beaches are often crowded but the sporting facilities are available over here.

Nassau and Paradise Island
Come visit the jewel of the Bahamas - Nassau / Paradise Island. As the cultural, social, political and economic centre of The Bahamas, it is the most visited destination in the islands. Nassau / Paradise Island has much to offer visitors. There are more sights and ctivities here than you can experience in one trip.

The Out Islands
Here one can find anything that they might be looking for. If they want to just relax and chill they will find the right places and if they are looking for fun and adventure then they will find the right resources. This place has the most exciting and spectacular dive sites in the world. This place is just less crowded and if you are okay with that then you will enjoy your time here for sure.

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