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the lost city of atlantisScientists from around the world tend to believe that the lost city of Atlantis, which according to Plato's description was destroyed by earthquake and flood, is indeed the island of the Bahamas. As the lost city were never found people always wondered about the place but the island of the Bahamas shows indications of being that lost city. In the year 1968 there was made a discovery of huge limestone blocks which were located off the coast of North Bimini. These blocks are neatly aligned and cover about a half-mile stretch. If looked closely it seems like they make an undersea road. That is another reason why it is believed that these blocks are surely relics from the lost city of Atlantis. Even the tourists can examine this road along with divers as it is only twenty feet in water and is very much near the shore.

The Fountain of Youth
The Fountain of YouthLegend has it that in a tiny group of islands which are situated about fifty miles east of Florida, is situated the Fountain of Youth. The inhabitants of Bahamas firmly believe that Ponce de Leon heard about this particular fountain of youth from the Caribe Indians in Puerto Rico. According to the Caribe Indians the fountain would be found in an area north of present-day Cuba and that is in a place called BeeMeeNee. The fountain of youth was searched by Ponce de Leon for a long time but he never found anything like that. But one thing that he found instead is Florida. He claimed Florida for Spain and thus named it La Florida.

Bahamian version of voodooObeah is the Bahamian version of voodoo and Cat Island is said to be the major center for the practice of obeah. It is the African slaves who brought in the obeah from their country and culture and it is a kind of folk religion. This particular folk religion blends together bush medicine along with witchcraft. The Islands Of The Bahamas is actually a Christian country and this nation has the largest number of churches per capita in the world. But every now and then a visitor can come across an obeah man who claims himself to be the spiritual healer or spiritual leader of this folk religion. Even believers do not speak up about obeah in the open but in people's yards and homes can be found many evidences of the practice. In order to protect themselves and their loved ones from the influence of evil spirits these believers hand bottles from trees which is a part of the obeah rituals.

underwater cave systemsIn the island of Andros one can see some really spectacular blue holes. These are actually underwater cave systems that link the freshwater lakes to the Atlantic Ocean. It is said that a monstrous creature lives in these holes and it is known as Lusca. Basically Lusca is a mythical creature which resembles a dragon and an octopus by half proportions. Tourists are told about this mythical creature to make their ride on boats more interesting and adventurous as they look around for Lusca. Even when going for fishing or diving, Lusca can be quite tempting to keep one extremely focused. If you take a boat out on a blue hole to go diving or fishing, be on the lookout for Lusca. In reality these underwater caves are quite risky and many people have drowned here in an attempt to explore the blue holes or in an attempt to catch fish and that is the reason why local people thought that the deaths were caused by an evil monster named Lusca.

The largest island of the Bahamas, Andros, is thought of as the home of chickcharnies. According to legend these creatures are birdlike and they have piercing red eyes. They also have three fingers, three toes and a tail, which they use to hang from trees. Legend further claims that these creatures live in the forest and they build nests by joining two pine trees together at the top. Once upon a time a large, three-toed, burrowing owl lived in these forests until it became extinct in the 16th century and maybe this particular bird was the sole inspiration for the legend of the chickcharine to come into being. Flowers and bright cloth attracts and charms these creatures and it is also said that if a person shows respect to the animal then he or she will be blessed with lots of luck and that too for the rest of ones life. But if it is sneered at then there would be lot of bad luck.

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