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The Bahamas is not part of the Caribbean, as many people believe. Rather, it is part of the North American plate and is bordered to the east by the Atlantic Ocean and to the west by the Gulf Stream; although the Bahamas is considered part of the Caribbean by many locals, but not by the government of Bahamas.

The Bahamas archipelago consists of about 700 islands and nearly 2500 small cays sprawled across roughly 259000 sq km2 of ocean. The islands stretch 1200km south from Walker's Cay, about 120km east of Palm Beach, Florida, to the Ragged Islands, which lie 85km northeast of Cuba.
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In all this vastness, the the whole islands of the Bahamas combined add up to no more than 13,940 sq km of land is around the size of the State of Connecticut, in the United States. Almost all the islands on Bahamas are surrounded by coral reefs and sandbanks; nearly all are low lying and flat.

Many islands are pockmarked blue holes - water-filled, circular pits sinkholes that open to submarine caves as much as 180m deep. When you move south, you will notice, that the Island's vegetation is much lower, due to drought.

The Bahamas boost over 1370 species of plants, including the Bahamian mahogany and 120 other trees.

Pine forests can be found on the northern or western part of the islands. Many of the western shores are fringed by saltwater mangroves trees, which is interestingly, the only tree to survive in saltwater.

Bahamas Dolphine !
The Bahamas has only 13 native mammal species on land, all but one being bats and they are all being endangered. The most common bat on the Bahamas is the leafnosed bat. The only native terrestrial mammal is the hihly endangered hutia, a cat-sized brown rodent very much like a guinea pig.

Wild boar are roaming the backcountry on some of the larger Bahamas islands. Cattle, donkeys and horses that were released after the demise of the salt industry and that outnumber humans on the southern part of the Bahamas islands.

The Bahamas has 44 species of reptiles. The symbol of the Bahamas could well be the curly-tailed lizard, found throughout most of the islands and easily spotted sunning on rocks. If you visit the Eastern Bahamas you may have luck that you spot Humpback wales and Blue whales which can be often seen. Atlantic bottle-nosed dolphins can often been seen

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