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In search for religious freedom a group of English puritans arrived on the islands in the year 1648 and they gave the island its present name. But they soon experienced a redundancy of food and thus soon they began to split into various communities. Captain William Sayles, the leader of the groups sailed for the American colonies and there he found proper supply of food and other survival kits that was needed back on the island. In order to guard their colonies from being invaded by Spanish troops they established a more secure settlement, called the Harbour Island.

It is the 1600s to the 1700s that is considered as the golden age of the pirates. The Islands of the Bahamas was used as a port back then by Sir Francis Drake and Blackbeard at various points of time. Because of the existence of so many complex channels throughout the island this place was the heaven of pirates and for their marauding ships. Another advantage that the Bahamas provided to them is the fact that the island also ported many traveler and trade ships which gave them the chance to steal from these ships.

Edward Teach, a.k.a. Blackbeard is the most tarnished pirate of all time. Even physically he was a large man and not only the ones that he attacked but also his entire crew was terrified of him. After weaving hemp in his long beard he used to light it up and thus seeing this smoky figure of his from afar along with the sight of the many weapons that they used the merchant ships used to surrender even without a fight. Being fair after surrender took place Blackbeard took their money and the entire property on the ships but used to let everyone leave without shedding a single drop pf blood. Whenever he was shown resistance he used to either kill that person or abandon him on some deserted island.

Finally in 1718 Blackbeard faced a British ship that intentionally trapped him and after fighting a fierce battle he expired. Blackbeard ruled the Bahamas for about five years and in this period of time he had captured around forty ships. Even today his legend is famous all around the islands.

Calico Jack
pirate flagsJohn Rackham, the pirate, is famous as Calico Jack because he always wore striped pants and coats. He was particularly famous being linked with two female pirates Anne Bonny and Mary Read.

Charles Vanes used to be a pirate captain of the infamous ship Treasure but he miserably failed to steal from a French man-of-war and this made Calico Jack very angry and so he protested along with many other members of the crew and they did succeed to overthrow the former pirate captain. Later on Calico Jack had his boss sent on his way along with his ardent supporters. This is the story that depicts how this pirate came into power.

On the island of New Providence Calico Jack met Anne Bonny who was then persuaded by him to leave her family and accompany him on his ship dressed as a man which she did. Mary Read was already a part of his crew disguised as a man.

In the year 1720 Royal Governor Woodes Rogers' pirate-hunters ship attacked Calico Jack's ship and after a long fight he was captured and soon sentenced to death.

Sir Henry Morgan
A welsh privateer, Henry Morgan exploited the Spanish to a great degree and this way he soon became very famous. In 1670 he and his crew attacked Panama City and this raid was extremely successful so much so that it got him his knighthood.

Later on in his life he became very rich by being an owner of a sugar plantation in Port Royal, Jamaica, where he had moved in and there he also became the deputy governor of Port Royal.

Morgan's Bluff is the name of the highest point on the island of Andros and the name has been given as a tribute to the memory of this famous pirate. There is a myth that Henry Morgan had one time lured a ship to the reefs and then looted it after it got wrecked.

Anne Bonny and Mary Read
Anne Bonny left her husband, James Bonny when she was persuaded to do so by Calico Jack. She dressed herself as a man and joined the crew of the infamous pirate and thus began her pirating days. She was as fearless and as ruthless as any other pirate in his crew.

On the same ship there was another female pirate as well - again disguised as a man - Mary Read. She had always wanted to be an adventurer and so she had joined in the crew long time back. When Anne Bonny joined the crew Mary Read had already been the regiment of a man-of-war, had been part of the crew on a privateer and had been a sailor on a shipping vessel.

When the ship was attacked by Rogers the entire crew was drunk but the two women fought off the attackers bravely. They did not however succeed in winning the fight and so everybody was tried for piracy and later sentenced to death. Anne and Mary both claimed pregnancy to avoid an immediate hanging. Later on Mary died in her prison cell from a fever but Anne gave birth to her baby. She was miraculously granted a reprieve for some unknown reason. After she was let out she managed to disappear and was never heard of again.

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