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Batam Island in Indonesia

Very near the coast of Singapore is Batam Islands situated. Batam is most famous for its beautiful sea beaches as well as for its sea food. The Batam Islands are so near to Singapore, that Singaporean's often times come to spend the weekend at Batam and this is exactly how this place became extremely popular.

The place only comes second to Bali in the matter of tourist attraction. The government has taken various steps to make the place even more attractive to the visitors. There are many golf courses and Palm Springs that have been made for the entertainment of visitors.

Map of Batam May and September are the pleasant seasons during which the weather is warmer. Batam can be reached via airways as flights land from the various airports of the world. The transportation available here are mainly taxis, air-coaches and mini-buses or even a private car.

The various places of attractions around the city are Nagoya, Nongsa, Hang Nadim, Batam center, Kabil, Imra monument, Waterworld etc. full of hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, bars, cinemas, discos, music lounges, shopping plazas etc Nagoya is a place full of life and it thrives as the very heart of Batam. Here it is easy for a tourist to find shops that sells duty-free goods.

Fly to Batam
Hang Nadim is the largest and the most modern airport of Indonesia and domestic flights arrive here on a daily basis. Nongsa is full of resorts and golf courses. Kabil is a deep water port where various ships arrive from different parts of the globe. Here speed boats can be hired for a ride.

What to do on Batam Island
Batam center is a planned city made specially to attract tourists of different cultures. There is a wonderful Buddhist temple situated in the middle of the center as well.

People from around the globe enjoy the very many activities that take place in Batam. They enjoy the cable skiing, go- carting, Para-sailing, fishing, jet skis, horse riding, tennis, ultra light air craft, joy flight etc. Diving and golf is a favorite over here. The Holiday Inn Batam has excellent watersport facilities.

Food and Nightlife on Batam
Night life is very active in the cities. Discos and bars come to life with the sunset. These places are teeming with people upon nightfall. Batam is very famous for shopping as it is a duty-free island and so every kind of good can easily be found and bought from this place. This is a haunt for shoppers who come to Indonesia.

The delicacies of Batam are surely unforgettable as this place is mainly famous for sea food. The various restaurants serve there special items. The menus are full of a variety of mouth watering Indonesian food.

Anyone would enjoy a stay here at Batam where there is something for everybody. For those who love adventure sports there are the very many activities that he can take part in. for those who love to enjoy the beauty of nature can head towards the beautiful beaches. The foodies can find their own restaurants. The shopaholics will find all kinds of shopping plazas and malls.

Map of Batam Island

Medan Mosque

Quick Facts about Batam
Batam is only 20km away from Singapore and about 25km from Johor Bahru in Malaysia. Batam is Indonesia's Special Economic Zones. Batam is an industrial hub with electronics factories and facilities for the oil service sector. A few expatriates live on Batam for work

Most tourists come from nearby Singapore and are mostly interested in illegal casinos and prostitution. You're better off going elsewhere, such as Batam's neighbor Bintan or the peaceful capital city of the province, Tanjung Pinang.

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