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Calcutta is the largest metropolitan city in India with a population over ten million. Being one of the tight and congested cities, the place is filled with people from different backgrounds. Though it seems to be threatening at the sight of the busy streets and bazaars as we get used to it, everything becomes a wonderful experience.

Filled with textile mills, institutions, bazaars, luxurious hotels and innumerable shopping complexes the city has everything in it. The city often blooms with cultural events, music performances, colourful festivals and many more. People of Calcutta have an extreme passion for sports such as football and cricket. Thus, to the visitors the city occupies their mind as an unforgettable place.

Places to visit in Calcutta
Howrah Bridge
Just as we enter the beautiful city of Calcutta, the giant structure of the Howrah Bridge falls in our eyes. The majestic style and structure of the bridge is so impressive that it leaves a shock on the spectators. At a height of 270 feet two piers stand as the supporting pillars for the bridge and this makes it a mega structure. The Maidan lawns are another excellent sight near the flowing river where plenty of events like sports and rallies take place and just opposite to it is the Chowringhee, an elegant boulevard.

The Victoria Memorial
There are lots of famous landmarks such as the Victoria Memorial, a splendid museum stands on the southern end with its striking white marble edifice consisting of all the relics of the British Empire. It almost took fifteen years to complete the Memorial and the presence of an Art Gallery also adds beauty to the place.

Ochterlony Monument
A 48 metre high column is seen at the northern end which is called as the Ochterlony Monument. This is also a very captivating sight for the visitors. This monument I now known as the Shahid Minar.

The Eden Gardens
The next beautiful as well as a world renowned attraction is the Eden Gardens, a striking lake beside and also a wonderful Stadium which brings a smile as well as shock to the spectators for its grandness and architecture.

The Birla Planetarium
The next important sight that attracts a large number of tourists every year is the Birla Planetarium containing all scientific items. There is also an excellent Zoological Garden nearby.

Situated in Chowringhee is the largest museum of the country known as The Indian Museum containing thousands of rare relics from the ancient civilization. There is also an art gallery that contains stunning works of the past and present.

Various Art Museums
There are plenty of art museums in and around the city and some of them are Rabindra Bharati Museum, The Academy of Fine Arts, Nehru Childrens Museum, Netaji Museum, Birla Academy of Art and Culture, Birla Industrial and Technological Museum, and the Ashutosh Museum of Indian Art. All of these have a unusual and priceless collections.

Holy Places
The Armenian Church built in 1650 is located at Brabourne Road which is actually one the oldest construction. Modeled after Akbar's mausoleum is the enormous Nakhoda or Rabindra Sarani Mosque that can accomadate about 10,000 people at a time. The next attracting sight is Belur Math located about 10 km from the city. It is the head quarters of the Ramakrishna Mission. The beauty of the building is that it is built in such a way to resemble a temple, a church and a mosque.

Places to visit around Calcutta
Botanical Gardens
At a distance of about 8 kms from the city is the beautiful Botanical Garden on the banks of Ganga. The garden is so well maintained that all around the year people from all over the world make a special visit to the garden. The highlight of the garden is the 200 year old banyan tree rising up to 26 metres in height and 900 feet in circumference the tree is said to be the largest in the world.

The Sunderbans
The Sunderbans is the world's largest estuarine forest located few distances away from the main city of Calcutta. The forest houses many wild animals including the Royal Bengal Tiger, crocodile and wild boar. The forest is filled with birds and snakes of many kinds making the forest a rich sight to explore.

Popular Beaches
Digha is the very famous beach resort widening up to 6 km known to be the widest in the world about 185 km at the south east end of Calcutta. About 132 km from the city is the Bakkhali beach resort which is another popular resort in the city.

The Diamond Harbour
Another important place to visit is The Diamond Harbour located about 48 km south of Calcutta which is an ideal tourist spot to enjoy.

Dakshineswar Temple
About a distance of 12 km is the famous Dakshineswar temple with its grand construction standing on the banks of the Ganga is popular through out the world. The temple is dedicated to goddesses Kali.

University of Shantiniketan
About 136 km from the city is the University of Shantiniketan, dedicated by the great scholar, poet and painter Rabindranath Tagore. This university has developed in to a universal centre of knowledge and academic excellence within a few years. It started as a simple open-air experimental class room. The visit to this institution would be an excellent experience for the visitors.

Festivals of Calcutta
Apart from all other festivals celebrated in the city, the Durga Pooja is more lively and interesting. It is celebrated as a tribute to the Goddess Durga for almost ten days. People from all over the city participate and make the celebration extraordinarily grand. The statuesque images of Goddess Durga are produced and are ornamented with excellent style and is worshiped as a mark of respect. Basant Utsav, Saraswati Pooja and Holi are other major celebrations of the country.

Map of Calcutta

India Travel Guide

Travel to Calcutta
Transport becomes an easy option when accessing Calcutta. It is major metropolitan city and can be reached from anywhere. Both road and railways are perfect means of travel to reach the destination. Calcutta is connected to most parts of the world by several major airlines. Accessing of national and international flights are easy.

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