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Cambridge is a small charming town with the River Cam flowing through the centre earning good deals of business setups. Cambridge is world renowned for its second oldest university in England. Almost 800 years have past and still the reputation of the university is the same. The university includes the celebrated Cavendish Laboratory, the King's College chapel, and the Cambridge University Library. With extraordinary architectural splendour, the city is filled with lovely buildings and some incredible art galleries and museums. In every aspect it is a wonderful city to be explored. When compared to other cities of England, Cambridge has a moderate climate.
History of Cambridge
Long back Cambridge was actually the original site of a Roman military camp and during the Anglo-Saxon times it flourished as an administrative cum trading centre. But the modern city of Cambridge was found by the Danes in 875 when they captured the Eastern part of England where they built their forts as a mark of victory and named it as burgh.

Cambridge - England
Educational Institutions in Cambridge
School of Pythagoras
The next ancient construction was the School of Pythagoras, founded in 1200. It remains as the oldest surviving educational institution in the country and is located at St. John's College.

The University of Cambridge
When a strong violence took over Oxford, many students escaped and occupied a new place at Cambridge, where they started a University by themselves in the 13th century. And this small institution later developed as The University of Cambridge. Later on several colleges were started under the University and among them, Wendyhouse which was founded 1078 was the first college in Cambridge. This Wendyhouse College is now known as the Peterhouse.

The Fitz William Museum
The next big thing in the town is the Fitz William Museum that invented many scientific instruments that brought real developments to Cambridge. The museum was founded by Viscount Fitz William in 1816 and it gained immense popularity to the place. Gas light was invented for the first time in 1823 in Cambridge. This was one of the major achievements by the Fitz museum. Collections of antiquities from Ancient Egypt, Rome and Greece, Asiatic cultures and Cyprus are preserved. It would satisfy all the needs of an antique lover and apart from that a must see place.

When Hughes Hall was formed in the 20th century, the University gained good expansion. When New Hall was founded in 1954 many colleges started emerging and to name some are Churchill (1960), Darwin (1964), Lucy Cavendish (1965), Wolfson (1965), Fitzwilliam (1966) and Robinson (1979). Sedgwick Museum of Geology was founded in 1904. The Scott Polar Research Institute was founded in 1920.
Transportation in Cambridge
Cambridge StationCambridge is the last destination of the M11 motorway from East London. The A14 is a major freight route connecting the port of Felixstowe on the East Coast with the Midlands, North Wales and the West Coast and Ireland. Its east-west trunk route skirts the northern edge of Cambridge. With these two important road networks, Cambridge still has a crowded road system.

Through Hitchin and the East Coast Main Line and Liverpool Street passing through the West Anglia Main Line is The Cambridge Railway Station linking to King's Cross. It is also linked to the cities of Kings Lynn and Ely (via the Fen Line), Norwich (via the Breckland Line), Liverpool, Birmingham, Ipswich and as well as London Stansted Airport. Cambridge can be easily accessed by all of London's major International Airports. The Airport of Cambridge city can accommodate an unladen Boeing 747 or MD-11 and the routes mostly used by business and leisure flights.
Sightseeing in Bristol
King's College Chapel
King's College ChapelThe King's College Chapel in Cambridge is a loveliest attraction in Cambridge. The beauty of the construction captures our heart instantly. Visitors who want to check out and enjoy the said destination and other tourist spots in the city may hire a tour guide and rent a car from a dependable car rental company. Cambridge has a first-class car rental industry that takes care of their clients and rival even the famous car rental ireland service.

Queens College
Connected by the eminent Mathematical Bridge, the Queens College stretches across both sides of the Cam making it a fantastic arrangement of architectural construction. The College was founded by Margaret of Anjou in 1448 and Elizabeth Woodville in 1465. It still remains a popular centre for academic excellence.

Anglesey Abbey
With extraordinary collections of paintings and arts, the Anglesey Abbey founded in 1600 is an important place to visit. The collections also include the famous works by Claude Lorraine.

The Bridge of Sighs
The Bridge of Sighs in Cambridge was stimulated by the famous bridge of Venice over which condemned prisoners sighed as they were led to their deaths. The bridge is not only a mere sight it has enormous stories behind.

The Botanic Gardens
Holding nine national collections this beautiful botanical garden at Cambridge is an exciting place to roam around and relax comfortably. The garden dates back to 19th century and owns a lake, a stream and rock gardens.

Cambridge Brass Rubbing
Containing over 90 different facsimile brasses with exact copies of brass memorials from the tombs of medieval and Tudor knights and ladies, the Round Church is a wonderful creation.
Map of Cambridge in England
Festivals of Cambridge
Rag Carnival Procession
Taking place at the central Cambridge, this college festival is a incredible one which is celebrated in late February. People from many places gather at the festival and enjoy participating in it lively.

Cambridge Science Week
A great opportunity for science students and science lovers is the Science Week in Cambridge. Held in mid-March, the event consists of talks and lectures by leading experts on a wide range of scientific topics.

Cambridge Beer Festival
The Beer festival in Cambridge features over 120 real ales, more than 60 foreign beers, ciders, English wines and different kinds of food items and is held during late May at Jesus Green.

Cambridge Film Festival
Another interesting entertainment for the visitors is the annual film festival that takes place in June at the Arts Picture House in Cambridge. About 150 movies are screened and many lectures are given on various interesting topics and also conducts a children's section. It is a fun-filled festival.

Cambridge Folk Festival
The best folk performances can be seen at the Cambridge Folk Festival. Finest traditional folk artists from the United Kingdom and Ireland perform in the stage with contemporary acts, including the finest American country, blues and roots artists. Everyone can experience breathtaking moment as the joy goes uncontrollable.

St. Ives Music and Arts Festival
The St. Ives Music and Arts Festival is held yearly in St. Ives.

Duxford Flying Show
Early September is the right time to capture great fly show at the Imperial War Museum in Duxford. It is popularly known as The Duxford Flying Show.

The Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols
Featuring a Christmas concert taking place at King's College Chapel, The Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols is held on December 24th. It is another main event to be enjoyed.

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