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Canada Travel Guide

Canada is one of the major attracting destinations in the world for it has been a very successful nation in terms of education, international trading and many more aspects. Canada holds a diverse mixture of people from different culture and background. Across this spectacular country there are things that differ extremely for example culture, language, food and even history and this is the beauty of it. After 1867, Canada was no more the old British colony and since then it has developed a lot in getting international status. Skyline of Halifax

Being the world's second largest country after China, Canada is situated in North America and it also shares borders with the United States of America.

Vancouver, British Columbia

With almost ten provinces and three territories, Canada is a very large country. To the west of Canada it has British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia, along with Newfoundland and Labrador are the three Maritime Provinces that belong to Canada. Quebec and Ontario are situated in Central Canada and Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut are present to its north.
Climate and Weather of Canada
Canada often experiences changes in atmosphere. With unfriendly winter enveloping many parts of Canada the temperature can be anywhere between -15 °C and -40 °C. There is lot of possibility for extreme coldness in the country. It is always a must for the travellers to choose the right time for travelling here.
Canadian People and Canadian Culture
With a total population of around 32.4 million, most of Canada's population resides within 160 kilometres from the US border. There is lot of differences and mixtures when we consider about the ethnic aspect of Canada. Even culture varies from province to province. Asian and European migrants have combined with the Canadian population and culture and every one of them live in harmony. So, we can call this land as a multicultural one and most of the people of Canada value multiculturalism which is heart welcoming. English and French are made as the official language in Canada. The country lets anyone to have the right to gain government services in any of these two languages.
Halifax Travel Guide
Transportation in Halifax is very convenient. Daily flights depart from Toronto and Vancouver to Halifax. And it is not at a problem to reach this place for international travellers. Highways from all over North America join the Trans Canada Highway at New Brunswick, which then goes into Nova Scotia. So, all major form of transportation is suitable to access this lovely place.
Montreal Travel Guide
Montreal being the second largest city in Canada has developed into a major tourist attraction. Montreal is a very lovely destination for everyone who are fond of spending their time abroad. It is also having great developments in information technology and this serves as a backbone to its economic growth. Montreal is a wonderful place for education and to work. It has everything for everyone.
Ottawa Travel Guide
Located in the Ottawa Valley in the eastern part of the province of Ontario is this beautiful place known as Ottawa. Around 855000 inhabitants are living here and the population of larger Ottawa is about 1.25 million. It is an attracting place filled with lovely architecture and stunning nature enveloping the whole city of Ottawa. Tourists from many parts of the world come here throughout the year and spend their time enjoying and relaxing here.
Toronto Travel Guide
Toronto is the largest city and the capital of the province of Ontario in Canada. It covers a population of about 2.7 million and is often regarded as the Economic engine of Canada. Toronto is also known as the Canada's financial and science centre for North America's health industry.
Vancouver Travel Guide
To describe Vancouver in a simply way, the city of Vancouver is a large modern cosmopolitan one which is relatively different from almost all the cities of North America including Boston and New York. It is not only a busy cosmopolitan location but at the same a unique village atmosphere resides there.

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