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This place gets its name from the president of the British Board of Trade, Lord Halifax. The city is named after him as Halifax in 1749. The immigrants of the city are actually a community settled by Colonel Edward Cornwallis. It has a population of around 375,000 and it is the largest city east of Montreal and north of Boston.

Halifax City in Canada

Halifax is an industrial centre where great industries are there and it is also a very important centre for manufacturing, mining, fisheries, tourism and the agriculture sector. And above all it also a superb tourist destination.
Climate of Halifax
Surrounded by sea and the cool waters the province of Nova Scotia helps the atmosphere to be cool. From August through October, Halifax remains warm and is a great time to visit this place.
Transportation in Halifax
Downtown of HalifaxTransportation in Halifax is very convenient. Daily flights depart from Toronto and Vancouver to Halifax. And it is not at a problem to reach this place for international travellers.

Highways from all over North America join the Trans Canada Highway at New Brunswick, which then goes into Nova Scotia. So, all major form of transportation is suitable to access this lovely place.

By Air to Halifax
There are direct flight services to Halifax from many places. Airline services are good here and the flights come into Halifax, direct from all major Canadian cities and from Boston and New York. Places like London, England and other European cities can be accessed from Halifax.

By Train to Halifax
Rail Canada is the best way to travel to Halifax from any part of Canada for this service provides excellent transport service for travellers.

By Bus to Halifax
Travelling by bus is also a welcoming one. From there are many bus services available to reach Halifax. The roads are superb and it makes travelling very easy and comfortable. Nova Scotia has as a good inter-provincial system linking most major communities in the province.

By Ferry to Halifax
Another stunning means of travel is by the ferry which is superb to enjoying the location and sea. Halifax can also be accessed by a ferry from the surrounding provinces of New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland.
Google Map of Halifax
Sightseeing in Halifax
Halifax has plenty of locations to offer and it depends on the number of days we stay there. Let us see depending on the days how we can enjoy sightseeing in Halifax.
One day stay in Halifax
Skyline of HalifaxPlaces like the Citadel Hill, and glancing along Halifax and the Halifax Harbor can be viewed in a single day. It is also nice to visit the Halifax Citadel National Historic Site built in the early 1800s. People who are interested in historical things can enjoy this place.

There are many places that you can just see without any tiredness for example, Halifax streets or the Downtown Link passages, Maritime Museum can be accessed easily. Canadian Rail Station is another spectacular place to visit and the famous container port of Halifax is also an excellent treat for our eyes.

Point Pleasant Park is another major tourist spot in Halifax. It is beset with monuments, a beach, military batteries, and the Prince of Wales Martello Tower. All these places can be covered in a single day.
Two days stay
HalifaxHMCS Scotian and the Royal Canadian Navy Dockyards, Hemlock Ravine Park with its heart-shaped Julie's Pond, Bedford's waterfront are some of the interesting places that you can explore in Halifax.

Bedford Institute of Oceanography is a great treat for Sea lovers and Dartmouth Heritage Museum and Aldernay Waterfront Park, right beside the Dartmouth Shipyards are also excellent spots available in the city. Lake Bannook and Lake Micmac are places to enjoy water sports and also provides us great relaxation.
Three days stay
If you still have plans for the third day in Halifax, there is an important place where you can spend your whole day. It is called as the Peggy's Cove Fishing Village which is very famous in North America for its painted waterfront.

Lunenburg is also very interesting place to visit and it is further south of Halifax. It is a charming place to enjoy our time and relax. It is home to many historical buildings and innumerable churches
Residential Calculator for Halifax
Expatriates or overseas property investors that would like to purchase or rent a property in Halifax, you should try our Property Residential Calculator for Halifax.

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