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Montreal being the second largest city in Canada has developed into a major tourist attraction. It is a very lovely destination for everyone who are fond of spending their time abroad. It is also having great developments in information technology and this serves as a backbone to its economic growth. Montreal is a wonderful place for education and to work. It has everything for everyone.
Geography of Montreal
Located on Montreal Island in the Hochelaga Archipelago, where the Ottawa River flows into the St. Lawrence River, Montreal is a great place to reside. There are more than 320 islands in the Hochelaga archipelago and Montreal is occupied about a third of the archipelago, which covers 177 km2. The new Montreal has been redeveloped from the old Montreal sight which was situated along the St. Lawrence River. And the centre part of the city lies in between mountains and the St. Lawrence River.

Montreal City, Quebec in Canada

With numerous landmarks with historical values the Old Montreal is a great place to visit. It contains some of the beautiful and stunning constructions with rich cultural and historical setting. In this way this place has become a major tourist attraction in Canada.
Climate of Montreal
Montreal is very cold during winter and especially in Quebec central region it is too cold. And is not an appropriate time to visit the place during winter. For people who are not worried of climate it is nice to be here during winter time for they can enjoy ice skating or skiing which is very popular here due to the superb snowfall. At the same time summer is suitable for everyone and is great over here and is the best time to visit.
Transportation in Montreal
One can reach Montreal easily and the transport facility to Montreal is excellent and frequent. It can be accessed from any part of the world through international flights that run often.

By Air to Montreal
The International Airport in Montreal has regular flights from North America and Europe. There are taxi and bus services operated at Montreal International Airport that can drop you anywhere in Montreal.

By Bus to Montreal
It would be a great trip if you choose bus as your travel means. The buses are excellent and are safe way to travel. There are bus associations from Montreal to other Canadian cities and to the United States of America. If you choose to come on a bus, you can enjoy the travel in these buses as they are clean and fast too.

By Train to Montreal
There are two main downtown train stations in Montreal namely, The Central Station and the Windsor Station. Both are connected to the Bonaventure Metro station. Montreal is also linked by train service from Toronto and you can book the tickets online or buy them from a travel agent.
Google Map of Montreal
Sightseeing in Montreal
Park in MontrealMontreal has plenty of locations to offer and everything here are more interesting than any other place in Canada. With such beautiful arrangement this city is a successful tourist attraction. It is filled with social, cultural and historical richness and is always very lively at all times of the year. An extensive range of frivolous spots are presented over the hilly and plane areas of Montreal. There are also a large numbers of museums and historical monuments in Montreal to visit. The following below are some of the main attractions in Montreal:

Montreal Bell Amphitheatre
This Montreal Bell Amphitheatre is an indoor skating rink. It is an excellent place to visit and enjoy skating during anytime of the year. Many young crowds visit here and entertain themselves with stunning sporting activity.

McGill University
This university is the most esteemed and largest in Canada. It is renowned throughout the world for its excellent education. The Arts building is the focal point of the campus. It can be viewed in its majestic splendour from the Roddick gates entrance and is a good departure point to venture to the different corners of the University. There is always a great competition to get selected in this major university to which students from all over the world try their luck.

Old Montreal
Montreal City HallThis is the historical ground in Canada and the most exciting place. The area of Old Montreal has the most number of historic buildings of any city in North America. The whole area has been conserved and is definitely significant and appealing for understanding the culture of the city.

Mount Royal
Designed and built by the famous Olmstead who also designed the Central Park and the Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, this place is a hill which is popular all over the world. It is a place for wide-ranging parkland and trails. There is also a playground for dwellers and visitors and it also contains many other amazing features. It is a very important place to visit.

Oratoire St. Joseph Montreal
Oratoire St. Joseph MontrealThis place is one of the largest religious shrines in North America which was built by Brother Andre. It stands in the centre of stunning surrounding and is a lovely place to visit.

Square St Louis Montreal
This is another fascinating place to visit. Known as the St. Louis, it is one of the prettiest squares in Montreal. It can be accessed by walking along the pedestrian part of the Rue Prince Arthur. The square is encircled by homes built in the 19th century architectural style which are very rare to be seen.

Montreal Olympic Stadium
Built for the 1974 Winter Olympic Games, it is a spectacular stadium in Montreal. When you are free and filled with interest for sports you can visit this stadium where many events take place.
Residential Calculator for Montreal
Expatriates or overseas property investors that would like to purchase or rent a property in Montreal, you should try our Property Residential Calculator for Montreal.

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