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Toronto is the largest city and the capital of the province of Ontario in Canada. It covers a population of about 2.7 million and is often regarded as the "economic engine of Canada". Toronto is also known as the Canada's financial and science centre for North America's health industry.

Toronto Skyline

Canada is known to have excellent balance over economic, religious and social life being the major city. And more important than that this city is the safest place to live as it has very less record of crime rate than any other place in North America. Thus, it is also very safe to travellers to come and enjoy the warmth of Toronto.
Geography of Toronto
Situated to the northwest shore of Lake Ontario, Toronto is the most spectacular sight in Canada. The name 'Toronto' is originated from the Huron word for "fishing weir". This city is of about the size of Singapore and is around 641 Sq. Km. Stretching 21 km from the north to the south and 43 km from the east to west the city is situated on a broad sloping plateau and is passed through by numerous river valleys. Containing of about 1500 parks and 8,000 hectares of parklands, Canada is a stunning resource for greenery covering about 18.1% of the city.
Climate of Toronto
Of all other cities in Canada, Toronto ha the mildest weather and is suitable for visiting during anytime of the whole year. Climate will not be a problem in this city for it is not too cold and not too warm. The temperature in spring and summer usually ranges from 15C to 25C. There is snowfall in the severest of wintertime but is usually not expected to be more than 10cm thus by making the place a beautiful holiday destination to spend with our family.
Transportation in Toronto
Transport service is excellent in Toronto making it easier and convenient for the travellers. There are several ways to prefer for travelling depending upon your health and budget.

By Air to Toronto
One of the fourth largest International Airport in North America is located in Toronto and it is called as the Pearson International Airport. This airport has excellent high quality service for travellers providing them great comfort. There are three terminals in Toronto Pearson International, which are the departure gates for more than 61 domestic Airlines besides U.S. and International Airlines. So, if you are opting for flight there is no problem about your travel for Toronto.

By Rail to Toronto
Toronto railway system is the best service provided in the whole country and is the most secure way of travelling. There are two national railways namely Toronto CP Rail Systems and Canadian National Railways and both of these are excellent option for travelling comfortably. Access to United States and the rest of Canada is made easy through these two services.

By Car to Toronto
Major four and six-lane expressways are laid for road system in Toronto and his makes it easier for people who choose road travel. It provides a seamless link to other cities in Canada and to the State of Michigan and New York. The roads are very well maintained and can offer you a feeling as if you are travelling in air.

Toronto Public Transit
Toronto Union StationAnother major way of travelling in Toronto is by using the Transit mode. Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) is the second largest system after New York in North America. There are around ten other transit systems available as well. There are around 2,300 buses, street-cars and subway metros operate daily on 6,500 km of public routes use by more than one million passengers in Toronto. Many people prefer this way for a comfortable journey to many local destinations.

By Water in Toronto
The port of Toronto provides link to the St. Lawrence Seaway and the Great Lakes. This port is one of the major one in the city and is the biggest transportation hub for a wide market, including all Ontario, north-western Quebec, and upstate New York and Ohio. Travellers can also prefer visiting Toronto by water which too is highly entertaining and best way to travel.
Google Map of Toronto
Sightseeing in Toronto
Urban Beach of TorontoToronto is a great holiday destination in the world. It is a place for several beautiful parks and stunning locations and also holds many rare and modern architectural constructions.

They are well maintained and preserved and this is the reason why the city attracts millions of tourists every year.

Centreville Amusement Park
Centreville Amusement Park is situated on the Toronto Island and it stretches to approximately 600 acres of parkland just opposite the harbor of Toronto. Many visitors come over here and spend their time relaxing and experiencing the overwhelming atmosphere of this beautiful park It is one of the prime locations in Toronto.

CN Tower
This building is one of the tallest in the world and is popular through out the globe for its design and style. This is really exciting place to spend most of our time. It provides major entertainments and is very extraordinary to look around.

Harbourfront Centre
This place is an excellent location for major cultural activities. Those who wish to enjoy and comprehend the contemporary culture of Canada can visit here. As one of the leading centre in cultural exhibitions, the Harbourfront is really worth visiting.

Ontario Science Center
Ontario Science Center is a leading centre for science and technology explorations. It conducts many events regarding science and technology making people who participate to enjoy as well as learn from the events.

Royal Ontario Museum
This museum is a nice place to visit. It contains collections of cultural and natural history of Canada and the world. . It has diverse subjects and covers number of subjects from all over the world. It is a must see for all the visitors to Toronto.

Toronto Zoo
Toronto zoo is an amazing place to have a look at some of the rare and beautiful animals. This place attracts millions of visitors all over the world and is very popular throughout Canada for its nature and serenity. It is necessary for people who come to Canada to have a look at this entertaining and lively zoo.
Residential Calculator for Toronto
Expatriates or overseas property investors that would like to purchase or rent a property in Toronto, you should try our Property Residential Calculator for Toronto.

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