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Cardiff is the capital city of Wales which is a very popular destination among tourists. With its rich cultural and historical base the city attracts people form all over the world. Cardiff is a welcoming, easy-to-navigate, reasonably priced place to travel. Cardiff has some of the oldest towering cathedrals and castles well maintained and preserved. Cardiff has some of the finest hotels such as the London Hotel.
Geography of Cardiff
Just over 200 miles West of London sits Cardiff facing the Bristol Channel as the capital of Wales, in the newly created (1974) administrative county of South Glamorgan, along with the Vale of Glamorgan. Cardiff stretches a total of 140 square kilometers, and can be found on a map at 51 29N, 31 11 W. The port is known as Tiger Bay, and has just been rejuvenated by the renovation of the Cardiff Barrage. Cardiff is found on the North bank of the river Taff and many attractions of Cardiff are at a walkable distance from the city.

Cardiff Vacation Guide
History of Cardiff
The name is derived from the invasion by the Roman general Aulus Didius in AD43. On capturing he total area he named it as Caer Didi, meaning, the Fort of Didus. Another big instance in the history was the construction of the Cardiff Castle by Robert Fitz Hamon in 1091. It is a spectacular construction that stands to this day. Later on the city experienced bad time when Owain Glyndwr entirely destroyed the grandeur of the city. At present, one can view a sculpture at City Hall, representing an odd repayment for his demolition of the city many years ago.

When Industrial Revolution smacked Cardiff, Glamorganshire Canal and Cardiff dock was built and transportation became easy and this resulted in Cardiff becoming the largest coal-exporting port in 1913. About 13 million tons of coal was exported to major parts of Europe and other parts of the world. And Edward the VII in 1905 declared Cardiff as a city and later in 1955 the city became the capital of Wales.
Transportation in Cardiff
The bus system in Cardiff is a welcoming one and is very easy to access. Buses are the easy and inexpensive way of travel in the city. There is also the Cardiff Bay Road Train from Stuart Street reaching many places of the city. Another means of transport is the Waterbus that runs to various locations like Cardiff Bay, Barrage and along the rivers Taff and Ely. Free pedal taxis are available for the visitors to enjoy important places of the city.
Local Attractions in Cardiff
Cardiff TowerThe Welsh University College of Medicine
At about 10 minutes walk from the Cardiff city center up Queen Street, one can reach the superb construction of The Welsh University College of Medicine, formerly known as The Welsh National School of Medicine founded in 1931.

The National Museum
On the same route little further one can reach the National Museum which is another popular landmark in the city.

Castell Coch (Red Castle)
Taking the route to North, at a few distances away once can look at the impressive Red Castle building.

The Splott Market
Walking along the South East path for about 30 minutes we can reach the Splott Market where we can find anything and everything of fruits and vegetables.

Cardiff Castle
Located at the downtown Cardiff is the stunning Cardiff Castle that stands for almost thousand years. It is an engineering marvel. The design and architecture is splendid. Another interesting sight is the Old Cardiff docklands built during the Industrial Revolution that is quite near at a walkable distance.

The Llandaff Cathedral
Built in 560 by St. Telio, the Llandaff Cathedral is the oldest surviving English cathedral with its beautiful architecture towering to the sky.

Comeston Medieval Village
Situated in Penarth the village was built during 14th century and it is a finest destination to enjoy.

The Museum of Welsh Life
About 100 acres of fine land, The Museum of Welsh Life is large and has innumerable things to be seen and some of them include a school, a chapel, craftsmen workshops, galleries and even a translator on the St. Fagans Castle grounds.

The Cardiff City Hall
Built brilliantly, The Cardiff City Hall is a famous tourist spot. The beauty of it lies in its stunning majestic Welsh dragons present on top of the clock tower and dome. In addition to it there are also many statues projected on historical grounds and chief among them are King Hywel, St. David, and Harri Tenwdwr, also known as Henry VII.

Caerphilly Castle
Caerphilly castle is the last of all constructions that includes various castles. The castle was built in the 13th century in order to protect against the Welsh invasion. Located of about 13 km north of Cardiff it is a lovely place to spend time looking around. Attracting things to see are the spectacularly designed layout, complete with moat, a leaning tower, fortified dam and a Great Hall.
Map of Cardiff in Wales
Nightlife in Cardiff
For almost eighty years the city was banned from having pubs and after a local referendum that took place in the city, permission was given for pubs in 1961 and eventually many started emerging in and around the city. And since then there is a lot of public activity during nights in the city.

David's Hall focuses more on the stand-up comedy and classical music aspect of the entertainment world and the New Theatre, a restored Edwardian playhouse, offers many plays throughout the year. All of these are located at St. Mary Street and Charles Street, where one can see chains of pubs and places of entertainment from live music to night shows.
Recreation in Cardiff
The biggest club in Cardiff has a capacity of 5000 people, offers a lively party atmosphere for a young crowd, while the Cardiff International arena hosts all of the big touring acts that pass through town.
Festivals in Cardiff
The Cardiff World Port Festival
Displaying the best jazz performance and also accompanying with outstanding roots and blues, The Cardiff World Port Festival is really a spectacular one I the city attracting thousands of people from many parts of the city.

The International Food and Drink Festival
A never before celebration of greatest Food and Drink festival taking place at Cardiff. The best thing in this festival is we can see unlimited varieties of food stuffs collected from all over the world.

TESCO Children's Festival
Taking place in June, the TESCO Children's festival is a exiting time for children. It takes place in Coopers Field lying beside the Cardiff Castle. The festival houses main events like games, music and dance for children and is celebrated with great enthusiasm.

STER Century Festival of Films
It is another big party time for the film lovers. Many popular films are screened and are valued according to their performance. It is all the more entertaining and an unforgettable time of fun and entertainment.

The Welsh Proms
Music lovers can be glad enjoying the Welsh Proms, a historical feast of music that plays in Cardiff from the middle to late July every year.

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