Croatia Yachting Travel Guide

Croatia Yachting Guide

Croatia yacht charter

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Croatia Yacht Charter Travel Guide
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Dedicated yachtsmen know where to go: Croatia. There is no other place that resembles the Croatian coastline, with its many bays, beaches, ports and marinas. Besides, the natural harbours are what experienced navigators and passionate amateurs alike want. Trust me, the Croatian waters are quite a treat for boatmen; not to mention the abundance of islands, most of which are not inhabited. So, if you want to feel like Robinson Crusoe for a day, or just want to see how it’s like to live alone on an island and feel like you own it: Croatia is the place to go...

Hvar island

Yachting is the perfect way to spend a quiet yet adventurous vacation. You will escape the humdrum of a crowded beach resort: no noisy hotel neighbours, no partying youngsters, nothing but silence. It will be just you, your family or companions, the sea and the waves. The beach will only be a nice view into the horizon.

Hvar CroatiaHowever, when you feel ready to go back to civilisation you can stop into one of the many marinas along the coastline, have a romantic dinner in a picturesque traditional restaurant, take a walk down the narrow, winding, paved street and maybe even listen to some typical Croatian music.  The cuisine, music, dance and customs of this European country will only add to the uniqueness of your trip. Are you ready to lift anchor and sail away guarded by the moonlight? Perfect!  The next marina is only a short distance away.

Croatia yachtIf do not own a yacht and you are looking for good sailing on the Adriatic as well as looking forward to enjoying sightseeing the Croatian historical and natural beauties, don’t panic. Just select one of the charter marinas in Croatia and see available yacht charter fleet. You will be amazed to discover a wide range of motor yachts, mega yachts, sailing boats and even cruising gullets, all available for hire. Connoisseurs know exactly what I’m talking about.

Hvar townCruising gullets are for the most adventurous kind and besides, they fit perfectly into the historical background of Croatia. There is no other country in the entire European Union with so many protected areas, historical monuments (and here I refer to entire town or ports) or national parks. So think of it as a small, rare, unique jewel, if you wish, as this is precisely what Croatia really is. The massive, wooden, middle-aged looking gullets will make you want to play pirates. Children love them so if you are planning a family vacation, cruising gullets should be first on your list.

Hvar fortYou want to leave everything to the crew? Not a problem at all! You can enjoy a cocktail on deck, reading a good book or tanning; or you can choose a much more active way to spend the vacation on sea. Fishing, windsurfing, waterskiing, snorkelling, diving, there are so many things you can do away from the agitation of regular beach waters. A yachting vacation is suitable for all age groups and Croatia is the best place to go. Whether you arrive by plane, car or boat, your charter yacht will await for you to embark on a real sailing experience.

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