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Croatia Yachting Guide

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Croatia Yacht Charter Travel Guide
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Dubrovnik, also known as the “Pearl of the Adriatic”, is the most beautiful town in Southern Croatia. There is more than one reason why tourism has been blossoming here for centuries. Dubrovnik is an outstanding combination between the old and the new. If you are set on visiting the mainland and the surroundings of Dubrovnik, also include a sea quest for a win-win situation.

Famous writers and artists all over the world have praised these blessed places into their works. Even the undersea world is unique if we consider what Jean-Jacques Cousteau had to say. Dubrovnik is without any doubt the best location for a family vacation. This cultural, historical, geographical and nautical inquiry will stay with you for life. Furthermore, the warm people, Balkan customs and cuisine will make you feel at home or even better.  

You can visit the town’s XII century cathedral or St. Blaise church (Crkva Svetog Vlaha), a baroque church from the 18th century containing a golden statue of St Blaise, the patron of Dubrovnik, holding an exquisite 16th century model of the city.

The icon of freedom lies in the centre of the square between the Sponza Palace and St Blaise Church and is the Column of Orlando (Libertas). Moreover, you will find the 35 meters tall Bell Tower – a 15th century mark.
You must at any cost take your family to see the Sponza Palace. The amazing architecture is a combination of gothic and renaissance style dating back to the 17th century. Another attraction to consider is the Rector's Palace, a former administrative building, now housing the town’s history museum.

However, the best piece of Croatian architecture yet to be discovered both from the land and the sea is the town’s walls. The city is the clear image of a medieval fortress. Its walls, both inner and outer, have been protecting the freedom of this town for centuries. Dating back to between the 8th and the 16th centuries the 25 meters tall and 1940 meters long walls go around the old town, providing tourists with breathtakingly spectacular scenery.

The best time to visit Dubrovnik is during the Carnival which goes on between the 22nd of February and the 4th of March, a 14th century tradition. Even better is the Summer Festival that takes place between the 10th of July and the 25th of August, the biggest cultural event in all of Croatia. The tradition here asks for a yearly representation of Hamlet. This festival has been organized every year since 1950. As you can see, the Croatian people have a penchant for traditions. That could help teach your children about real values.

If you love good food again, you are home! The Croatian cuisine can satisfy all tastes and demands. You will be surprised to find a Mediterranean cuisine with Balkan influences. Be prepared for real feasts. People here don’t waste time with snacks. A meal implies 2 or 3 dishes, all based on traditionally obtained products (such as smoked bacon or cheese), meat (veil, goat or mutton) or fish and desert. Flavoured wines are also a must for meals. All in all, Croatia is where the cuisine industry is mostly based on home-made products, something you don’t see everyday at such a high industrialized level.

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