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Edinburgh is known to be an extraordinarily beautiful city and with splendid historic and cultural background it is one of the finest tourist attractions in Great Britain. It is also an excellent academic spot filled with three renowned universities and innumerable colleges and thus the city can be called as the educational hub centre of Scotland. Edinburgh has also some of the finest Scottish hotels and apartments such as the Radisson SAS Hotel Edinburgh.

As already mentioned the city is deeply rooted with rich historical and cultural setting and the city awesomely portrays its beauty through its grand festivals and events. Many visitors enjoy the entertaining times of the year in this city and feel the touch of the Scottish atmosphere.

View of Edinburgh from Edinburgh Castle

The building and the surrounding is a mixture of green and artificial. The city of Edinburgh is actually a surprising combination of many villages and towns. Thus, it has both the looks of a modern city as well as a superb village landscape. Many tourists from all over the world come every year and enjoy their holidays looking around this remarkable destination. Another main reason for its splendour is the towering volcanoes surrounding the city. And some of them are even under the list supporting celebrated monuments of Edinburgh.
Climate and Weather
With sudden shifts in climate, the city in terms of weather is highly unpredictable resembling to that of the Scottish climate. And most residents of the land consider that the city experiences a wet and misty climate throughout the year and their view is also true during winter.

Most of the places in U.K. experience the same kind of weather but during the other months when the climate is really mild the city attracts tourists and it is the right time to enjoy the holiday abroad. When compared with any other city in Scotland, it is much better in Edinburgh which is enveloped with warm climate.

Spring is the excellent time to enjoy Edinburgh to its full. The natural beauty also triggers and attracts more visitors than any other place. The only thing that we should have a eye on is about the sudden changes of the climate and it is always advised to be prepared for a heavy chill rainfall.
Transportion in Edinburgh
Travelling to Edinburgh is very simple and trouble-free. Easyjet, a major airline service supports travelling to Edinburgh from many countries. At a small distance from the city centre is the Turnhouse, where The Edinburgh International Airport is located and gives a great service to worldwide passengers.

Train is another leisure means of travel to this welcoming city. Travellers can board on sleeper class coaches and can reach their destination with peaceful relaxation. There is spectacular connection through railways to all major parts of United Kingdom.
Street Map of Edinburgh in Scotland
Getting around in Edinburgh
Walking is the best means to have a glimpse at the stunning beauty of the city. Since many of the places are located near by, it is always better to follow your leg. And there are lots of caf´┐Ż located to boost yourself with some lovely evening drinks and rip off your tiredness.

If at all your not happy with walking there are several modes to travel and among them your can hire a taxi or opt for buses and boats which are usually not very expensive. Travelling by the local tram is also possible and it is even good to have a look at this striking city travelling in the tram. Above all, it is the choice of the traveller depending upon his health and budget.
Sightseeing in Edinburgh
Balmoral HotelEquipped with stunning locations, the city of Edinburgh attracts a huge number of visitors every year. One can get deep into its culture and tradition and explore the depth of its founding. There are museums and other spots that host a number of activities, which can be enjoyed.

The Edinburgh Dungeon
Opened on 13th of April 2001, The Edinburgh Dungeons is a lovely construction that has a threatening design and horrific arrangement. It is a great place for the lovers of adventure and horror. It is based upon the chapters in Scotland's book of the macabre, including Burke and Hare.

Dynamic Earth
The Dynamic Earth is a eye-catching science explore entertaining centre. With highly decorated and fitted with advance sound effects the centre provides the visitors a spectacular view of the history of the planet told in a story. Popular especially among children, the centre is also visited by people of all age. It is a fine spot to entertain ourselves.

Edinburgh CastleEdinburgh Castle
It is home to the Edinburgh Military Tattoo and apart from that it is also a historical place. Located on an inactive island it has been towering to the sky since ages and is a marvellous engineering. The location and beauty of the place is unlimited grandeur for the visitors.

Holyrood Palace Edinburgh
Located at the other adjacent called the Royal Mile is The Holyrood Palace of Edinburgh The place is a priceless monument for all the past glories and histories that Scotland has seen and is rightly "a memoir palace" since it provides a close history of Scotland and the past of Edinburgh.

Edinburgh Zoo
Favourite among everyone, the Edinburgh zoo is a treat for the young and old. Consisting of many animals the zoo has great number of visitors throughout the world. Rare animals like lions and tigers are also preserved here and extra care is given to penguins too that are really rare in this part of the city.

Royal Museum of Scotland
The Royal Museum of Scotland is another major tourist spot in the city. It is the best place to turn back to the past of Edinburgh and Scotland. More important displays of all is the showcase of the culture and history of the Scottish people in the past. It is very interesting to look at these displays which actually carry us to its magnificent period. It is a popular landmark which is must for every traveller to visit.

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