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Temple in FuzhouThe name of China's Fujian province originated from the two cities of Fuzhou and Jianou which are situated in to the southeast coast of China. Fujian is bordered by Jiangxi Province to the west, Guangdong Province to the south, Zhejiang Province to the north and R.O.C. (Taiwan) is located to the east which is overlooking the Strait's of Taiwan.

The P.R. of China is in control of most areas the Province of Fujian but the R.O.C. (Taiwan) administers the archipelagos of Matsu and Kinmen.
Geography of Fujian Province
Geographically the province of Fujian is typically mountainous and to a great extent the northwest of Fujian is much higher in altitude. The Wuyi Mountains divides Jiangxi Province from Fujian Province. With an altitude of 2150 meters the Huanggang Peak in Fujian's Wuyi Mountains is the highest peak of all Fujian province.

The province of Fujian mostly comprises of Islands with Nanri Island and Haitan Island. The province on the east ends at the East China Sea, South China Sea in the South and faces the Taiwan Strait in the Southeast.

The Republic of China (Taiwan) controls the Quemoy Island. The northern and the central Fujian is divided by the River Min Jiang and its tributaries.

The Min Jiang river and it's tributaries cut through much of the northern and central part of Fujian Province.

Major cities of China's Fujian Province are the cities of Zhangzhou, Xiamen, Fuzhou, Putian and the city of Quanzhou.
Weather Condition of Fujian Province
Fujian Province has a subtropical climate and Fujian Province is one of the few provinces in China, where you can enjoy warm winters. The coastal regions of Fujian has and average temperature of 7-10o Celsius and the hilly regions of Fujian has an average climate of 6-8o Celsius during winter. Fujian has high temperatures during summer months but typhoon's are very common during the rain season.
Local Economy of Fujian Province
The main crops of the province are rice topped with wheat and sweet potatoes. Sugar cane and rapeseed are the Cash crops. Fujian is the leading producer of all provinces in China to produce longan, tea and lychees and another important product of Fujian Province is Seafood.

Not only is Fujian Province one of the wealthiest provinces of the People's Republic of China, but it also receives large foreign investment from the Republic of China, Taiwan as Fujian Province is very close to Taiwan.

Xiamen was one of the first city in the People's Republic of China to get Special Economic Zone.

The GDP of Fujian Province was 900 billion yuan (US$119 billion) during the year 2006.
Touristic Attractions of Fujian Province
The Province of Fujian has so many touristic attractions such as the Yongquan Temple in the city of Fuzhou, the temple of Guanghua in Xiamen on Gulangyu Island, Zhangzhou's Nanshan Temple, the island of Meizhou, the Kaiyuan Temple of Quanzhou and the only UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Fujian Province which is Mount Wuyi. If you want to explore Fuzhou, you can stay at the Fuzhou Lakeside Hotel.
Geographical Google Map of Fuzhou
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