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Situated on the Golden Konkan coast that stretches along the Arabian Sea is the famous enchanting Goa. Deriving its name from the Konkani word 'Goyan' meaning a patch of tall grass, its one of the best tourist attraction in India. It is popularly known as "The pearl of the East". It was a part of the magnificent Mauryan Empire about 3rd century B.C. And slowly the governance was taken over hand to hand by The Satvahanas of Kolhapur followed by the Chalukyas of Badami later until the Vijayanagar Empire established itself for almost a century.

Beach at Goa

History of Goa
In 1469 AD, Adil Shah of Bijapur started his reign. The following years the Dutch, English, French and Portuguese were trying to occupy the territory and finally it was the Portuguese who won over the place with Alfonso de Albuquerque leading the invasion. In 1961, after four centuries of ruling, the Portuguese had to leave the charming Goa fourteen years after the country's independence. With its overwhelming Portuguese architecture and lifestyle, stunning beaches, fresh mountains, Goa is a lovely place to reside.

Travel to Goa
Fly to Goa
Goa can be reached from Delhi, Bangalore, Cochin and Thiruvananthapuram. And for overseas travellers the best way is to have access to Goa is from Mumbai.

Travel by rail to Goa
Even the railway is a convenient way of transport to the destination. The place can be accessed easily from Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi.

Map of Goa / India

India Travel Guide

Travel by road to Goa
Goa can be accessed through road that leads directly from Mumbai. It would be a great pleasing journey viewing the excellent picturesque landscapes on the way.

Travel by ship to Goa
From October to May there is a non-stop catamaran service between Mumbai and Goa provided by the Damania Shipping Corporation.

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