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Hong Kong is a truly special and unique place, where many different cultures and traditions blend to give it its own special character, which can be seen in the many historic locations and museums. Nowhere else in the world can such contrasts be found, with ancient Buddhist Temples next to modern office buildings. Festivals and markets and many other exciting events all bring people together in social situations that could be found nowhere else. Chinese Opera in Hong Kong

Victoria Peak is one of the most dazzling locations in all of Hong Kong, looking out across the city from a high vantage point above. The peak looks out across the entire city, the harbor and the mountains beyond. It is accessed by a 400 meter tram journey on the 112 year old Peak Tram, which sometimes goes up almost vertically on its 8 minute journey along the steepest tramline in the entire world. The top of Victoria Peak, known as the "Back of the Dragon", is more than just a high viewing point. It also has many dining and shopping options on top of it, as well as a few interesting nature trails, making for a great day out.

The ferry trip between Tsim Sha Tsui in Kowloon on the old Star Ferry offers spectacular views across the harbor and beyond, and allows you to gaze into the Hong Kong Skyline from the water. Four day Visitor Souvenir Tickets will allow you to go on the ferry ride an unlimited number of times for four days and allows unlimited tram travel for four days. It can be purchased on the Star Ferry Pier.

Repulse Bay is another hugely popular Hong Kong tourist destination. It is a beautiful, soft, sandy beach overlooked by two vast statues of Kwun Yum, Goddess of Mercy and Tin Hau, Goddess of Heaven. The beach is growing all the time.

Hong Kong AberdeenThe Jumbo Floating restaurant near Aberdeen is a trip that should not be missed, and the fishing village of Aberdeen itself is an interesting place.

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese tradition practiced by many people. Free lessons are often given in public places such as parks, and are not to be missed out on. It is a gentle, relaxing martial art practiced by all age ranges and social groups in Hong Kong, and a lot of people find it to be very soothing.

For those with a taste for browsing through shops, Stanley Market must not be missed. It is a huge collection of stalls and shops through several streets containing ever-changing goods directly from Hong Kong's many factories. It is impossible to predict what will be on sale as goods production in Hong Kong varies on a day to day basis. Stanley Market also features many new restaurants, with more always being built, spreading out across the bay.

Adjacent to Victoria Park lays the Temple of Tin Hau, Goddess of the Sea. Tin Hau has always been a very important goddess to the people of Hong Kong, due to there location surrounded by sea. This is a truly temple which originally stood on the coast, although now the expanding land area around Hong Kong mean that it is quite far inland.

On the Kowloon Peninsula, one of the main attractions is the Buddhist retreat of Chi Lin Nunnery, an austere yet magnificent building with grounds covering over 3300 square meters. It only recently opened to the public. The beautiful gardens have been constructed in an ancient and traditional Chinese way, using optical illusions to create a feeling of space in an overwhelmingly calming environment. The nunnery itself is built in the style of Tang Dynasty architects, using the oldest construction methods for its huge temples and halls. For example, wooden pegs are used rather than nails in this truly unusual building.

Near Tai Po lies the Enchanted Wishing Tree. From a distance, this huge, ancient tree looks to be covered in thousands and thousand of deep red blossoms, but closer inspections will reveal that each of these is a bit of paper with someone's wish or desire written on it. Local belief has it that those wishes that caught and held on to the tree will come true, whereas those that fell to the ground when thrown up into the boughs will not be granted.

Opening at 2pm, the Temple Street Night Market is an open air market which opens runs on late into the night with all manner of fascinating stalls and entertainers. It sells many low priced goods such as clothing, novelties and watches and entertainers such as singers, fortune tellers and palm readers make visiting this market an experience to be remembered.

Giant Bronze Buddha in Hong Kong In the New Territories is an opportunity to see some traditional ancient Chinese villages which have barely even noticed the passing of the years, still keeping to ancient trades like fishing and duck farming, steeply contrasted with the heavily business based commerce of the rest of Hong Kong. The land on many of these barely-inhabited islands is unspoiled and serene.

One of the biggest highlights of Hong Kong lies on the outlying islands; a 26 meter tall bronze statue of Buddha. It is visible from miles away, placed as it is at the top of a majestic flight of steps near Po Lin Monastery. It weighs a colossal 202 tons.

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