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Sightseeing in Hong Kong

Victoria Peak is accessible by a tram from Garden Road and allows the unique experience of looking down on Hong Kong from a high vantage point.

The ManMo Temple is Hong Kong's oldest temple, dedicated to the gods Man and Mo and it between Ladder Street and Hollywood Rd

The Tiger Balm Gardens are beautiful gardens littered with statues, pavilions and grottoes. It can be reached from Central by the No 11 bus and is open between 9am and 4pm each day.

There is also the exotic Zoological and botanical Gardens, home to a vast array of species of both plants and animals. It is found on Robinson Road.
Hong Kong Parks
Hong Kong has many parks scattered across it. However, there are certain ones that stand out to tourists for exceptional beauty. These include Pok Fu Lam Country Park on Victoria Peak, famed for its picnic spots, Victoria Park which offers recreational activities on Gloucester Road at Kowloon Park on Nathan Road. Kowloon Park is a huge complex of well tended gardens with decorative ponds and winding paths and is a particularly favored park by tourists and locals alike.
Museum of Arts in Hong KongHong Kong Museum of History gives an overview of all of Hong Kong's long and colorful history. It is found on Haiphong Road on the Kowloon side. It is open every day except Fridays until 6pm, including holidays.

The Fung Ping Shan Museum displays many different Chinese antiques and art, much of it historically relevant. It is located in Hong Kong University, but is not open on Sundays.

Hong Kong Museum of Art is a huge 5 story art gallery featuring largely local art, with some from around the world. It is in Northside on Hong Kong Island and is closed on Thursdays.

The Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware is found in Hong Kong Park. As its name implies, its displays all show things about the importance of tea and the tea trade over the years.

Finally, the Planetarium and Space Museum is appealing to those with an interest in astronomy and space travel. It is open all days except Tuesday and is located on Ferry Pier, Kowloon.
Hong Kong Tours
Many different tours run in Hong Kong, and tours change frequently. For this reason, it is useful to get an updated copy of the Hong Kong Tourist Association Official Guidebook. This book can be purchased for HK$10, or free from some hotels. Tours should be booked through the HKTA or tour company. HKTA offices can be found overseas in New York, San Francisco, Chicago and Los Angeles.
Places to Shop in Hong Kong
Shopping in Hong KongOn Hong Kong Island the shopping is more limited than in Kowloon, although there is still a number of interesting shops to be found on the island, such as the Landmark Building in Central on Peddler Street and Des Voeux Road. Ladder Street also has an open air market selling a huge variety of different goods. Interesting flea markets can be found on Hollywood Road and Cat Street where antiques can be purchased at low prices.

On the Kowloon part of Hong Kong, the shopping is much better with several huge shopping centers. The Ocean Terminal and Ocean Centre is one of the largest shopping complexes in the world with a truly vast amount of shops, joined by a moving sidewalk. Not far away is the New World Shopping Centre, which houses many different speciality shops and a Tokyo Department Store.

The China Products Company has stores in Causeway Bay in Hong Kong, and they are open every day. Western-style goods can be found in Wing On in Central and Sincere on Kowloon. Both are very large department stores. Another department store in Central is Lane Crawford, which is a high-class, high-price establishment.

One of the main shopping streets in Kowloon is Nathan Road. This is regarded as one of the world's premier locations for purchasing rare and exotic goods due to the huge variety available.

For something a little different, Kansu Street Jade Market may be worth investigating, selling all sorts of jade products and pieces.
Sports in Hong Kong
Royal Hong Kong Golf ClubHong Kong has grounds and facilities for a variety of different sports. The Royal Hong Kong Golf Club at Deep Water Bay is the premier nine hole golf course in Honk Kong, and the only golfing area really worthy of note. Squash is taken quite seriously in Hong Kong and can be played in a few locations in Hong Kong. Probably the best two are Hong Kong Squash Centre and Harbor Road Indoor Games Hall, both of which are likely to need advance booking due to the popularity of squash in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong Squash Centre needs a passport for booking. Likewise, public tennis courts will also require advance booking, as numbers of courts are quite limited. Public courts can be found in Bowen Road and Victoria Park.

The Royal Hong Kong Jockey Club runs horse races at the Happy Valley course from September to May

Water sports are also quite popular in Hong Kong. For windsurfing, the best choice is Stanley Beach Windsurfing Centers. Sailing is very limited if you do not belong to a yacht club associated with Hong Kong. Scuba diving facilities are best provided by Bunn's Divers Institute on Wanchai Road.

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