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Traveling in Hong Kong

The journey from Hong Kong Airport to Kowloon business district is likely to take about 20 minutes in a taxi, available from the just outside of the airport main entrance. From there, a journey of at least 40 minutes to Hong Kong island is probable, often made more so by Hong Kong's busy traffic, especially during the rush hours at 8am to 9:30 am and 4pm to 6:30pm. A taxi from the airport to Central on Hong Kong Island costs about HK$60. Hong Kong Airport A more efficient way of traveling from the airport is the airbus shuttle, which travels to all of the most frequently visited locations in Hong Kong, going to many different hotels on both the Kowloon Peninsula and Hong Kong Island. It is cheaper and faster than a taxi and runs from 6:55am until midnight. A few of the more up-market hotels sometimes offer courtesy cars and VIP transport with arrangement in advance.
Renting a car
Car rental facilities are found in many hotels, both on the island and in Kowloon. Heavy traffic, difficult parking and driving on the left hand side of the road means that most rentals will also provide a professional driver who will be more safe and efficient on Hong Kong's busy roads.
Rail Service
The Mass Transit Railway in Hong KongThe only rail service in Hong Kong is a high-speed subway that covers most of the city on both sides. It is called the MTR and is favored by commuters in the city, although its efficiency makes it a good choice for tourists as well and it is open for 19 hours a day every day. The MTR Tourist Ticket that they try to sell is in fact a poor choice for most tourists, as there are options available. The best ticket to be purchased is the Common Stored Value Ticket, especially if you intend to be using the subway frequently. It is very important to remember when using the MTR that the local authorities are very tight on maintaining cleanliness and smoking eating and drinking will not be tolerated in the station. They are punishable by large fines, and ignorance will not be taken as an excuse. An MTR map is available and useful to have, as it points out which good tourism and sightseeing locations can be found around which subway station. There is a tram line running through Central from Shaukiwan to Kennedy town, which is efficient and cheap to use.
Bus Service
Hong Kong BusesBuses run to many different locations across Hong Kong. Blue and cream colored buses run on the island, and red and cream colored buses are found on the peninsula, the former provided by China Motor Bus and the latter by Kowloon Motor Bus. Generally bus services finish before midnight. Fares are charged from boarding.

Minibuses are slightly more expensive than other buses and do not follow a regular route. The advantage is that riders on minibuses can get off wherever they like. Maxi cabs are also available. They are yellow and green minibuses that do follow a set route.
Ferry Service
Hong Kong FerryA ten minute ferry journey takes place regularly from Tsimshatsui on the Kowloon Peninsula to Central on Hong Kong Island, operating from 6:30 in the morning to 11:30 at night. The ferry operator is called Star Ferries. Other ferry trips are also available, including one going to Wanchai, and one that runs from Central to Hunghom in Kowloon. A ferry service also runs from Hunghom to North Point. A hovercraft trip goes to the New Territories from Central. The Hong Kong Tourist Association is responsible for providing information on other available ferry services.

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