Indonesia Travel Guide

Indonesia Travel Guide

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Introduction to Indonesia

Indonesia is the fifth most populated nation in the world. The country has a total of 17,508 islands, only 6000 of which are inhabited.

The total land area of Indonesia is 767,777 square miles. 220 million people call it there home and they are made up of 300 ethnic groups who speak an estimated 583 different languages and dialects. There are five main islands in Indonesia. These are: Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Irian Jaya.

Among these islands Sumatra is the most important one in every single way. Bukit Barisan is a mountain wall that is spreads on the western side of this island. This particular mountain range contains 93 volcanic peaks of which 15 are still active.

Sumatra is rich in its wild life as well. There are 176 different species of mammals, 194 reptiles, 62 amphibians and 150 birds living on this island which makes the place a blessing of nature.

Indonesia shares its island Kalimantan with Malaysia. Tourism has not much developed in this part of the country and so it is not among the favorite haunts of tourists who come to Indonesia for that matter.

Irian Jaya is the least visited of the Indonesian provinces. It occupies the western half of New Guinea. And the capital of the country, Jakarta, lies on the Java Islands.

IndonesiaIn many parts of the country one finds cool and moderate temperature which makes it pleasant for tourists who come here. People coming here from the different parts of the globe find the climate to be suited to their habits and needs.

As the Indonesian constitution recognizes the freedom of religion here one can find the perfect blending of multiple beliefs like Hinduism, Christianity and of course Islam. 87% of the population is Moslems.

There are so many different tribes and ethnic groups living in Indonesia like the Balinese, the Javanese, the Dayak and so many more.

Each group has their own culture and customs to follow. They have their own festivals and rituals that they celebrate each year and this interest people around the globe.

IndonesiaBahasa Indonesia is the official language of Indonesia which has many dialects and English is the mostly understood foreign tongue. There are certain things unique about the people and life style of Indonesia.

Like standing with the arms crossed or standing with the hands on the hips are considered to be insults over here. No aggressive gesture is to be taken while taking to an Indonesian.

It is said that if a host keeps his guest waiting then that's a compliment being paid. A guest always needs the host to invite him before he can take up his food or drinks. Before entering a temple cloth has to be worn around the waist area. Pointing a finger at anything is a rude gesture and so is pointing the feet above the ground.

While eating or receiving stuff from others the left hand is to be avoided as it is thought of as unclean.

Anyone coming to Indonesia for the first time is sure to be fascinated by its diverse cultures and art.

Medan Travel Guide
The capital of North of Sumatra and the third largest city of Indonesia, Medan, is where one can notice the perfect blend of quite a few ethnic groups and cultures. Medan has a very important harbour from where one can go to Penang, Malaysia very easily. Medan has a large population and it is a very exotic spot to be visited especially if one loves flora and fauna and is the gateway to Bukit Lawang or Lake Toba.

Palembang Travel Guide
Palembang is situated on Sumatra Island and is divided into two parts by the Musi River. Palembang is known as the "Venice of the East" and it has always been a very important trade center of the country from where the trade used to go on with India and China.

Lombok Travel Guide
Lombok is an eastern island of Indonesia. Tourism on Lombok is not much developed in this part of the country and yet this place is a very favorite haunt for tourists because it provides a perfect escape from the din and bustle of busy Bali. For those who love such exotic getaways this is the place to be.

Padang Travel Guide
Padang, the capital of West Sumatra province, is a very beautiful and attractive city but the temperature over here is of an extreme nature and so both summer and winter can be equally enjoyed here. Padang owns the record of the highest rainfall in all of Indonesia. The climate is hot and humid. It is located in West Sumatra and it lies in the mouth of the Padang River.

Bali Travel Guide
After the recent bomb blasts in Bali there was a ripple among all the globe trotters but in spite of all that Bali remains a hot favorite among the tourists who come to Indonesia for a trip. Bali is full of magic and enchantment that thrills the occasional tourist with its culture and exotic tropical beauty.

Batam Travel Guide
Very near the coast of Singapore is Batam Islands situated. Batam is most famous for its beautiful sea beaches as well as for its sea food. The Batam Islands are so near to Singapore, that Singaporean's often times come to spend the weekend at Batam and this is exactly how this place became extremely popular.

Bintan Travel Guide
For those who come to visit Singapore and Indonesia, Bintan is a must visit. Bintan is situated very near to Singapore but still a valid passport and a visa is necessary to visit Bintan. There is a clear difference between the southern and northern life style in Bintan. The northern portion appears to be a part of Singapore. The place is full of resorts and hotels for tourists such as the Banyan Tree Bintan Bintan Island. The southern part is little suited for newcomers. Here the climate is pleasant all the year round and so tourists arrive at any time of the year.

Jakarta Travel Guide
The capital of Indonesia is Jakarta which enjoys a special territory and the status of a province. Being such a place of importance it enjoys maximum security as well as is the economic center of the country. Jakarta has got a lot of history associated with it too. The place was first names "Jayakarta" meaning the "the city of glorious victory".

Surabaya Travel Guide
The capital of the state of East Java is Surabaya which is also the second largest city of Indonesia. During the Dutch rule of Indonesia, Surabaya was a significant military base. Today Surabaya is one of the biggest and busiest ports of the region and is largely responsible for the economic prosperity of the country.

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