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Port Antonio Travel Guide

Errol Flynn mentioned once Port Antonio as heaven on earth, an explanation echoed by many tourists that have found this island Eden to be, quite simply, the definitive holiday destination.

Nestled between twin harbors on the Jamaica's northeast, with covered mountains that plunge down to the ocean, Port Antonio has lived up to its status as "the most superb port on earth." Orchids, bananas and palm trees grow in large amount. Waterfalls plunge into fern-edged pools and some of the island's most elegant villas and charming small hotels are tucked into hillsides overlooking secluded azure coves.

Established in the year 1723, Port Antonio was Jamaica's most important center for banana growth and export in the late 1800s. One of Jamaica's first resorts was built here in 1905, and it soon became a vacation place for the rich and famous of the day.

Actors from Hollywood arrived in the 1950s, a few years after Errol Flynn sought shelter in the harbor of Port Antonio on his yacht and decided not to leave: Flynn bought several properties in Port Antonio, including a plantation.

Today, Port Antonio's beauty makes it popular for movies and fashion shoots and its resorts, hotels & villas continue to provide inspiration for movie celebrities, authors, aristocrats, and leaders of industry & commerce and politics.

From the ruins of the Folly, a manor recklessly built of concrete material and seawater, to the Fortress of George, an 18th-century British stronghold which cannons still point out to ocean, the history of Port Antonio is only a heartbeat away.

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