Kora National Park

Another National park in Kenya made famous by the Adamsons (Born Free - Elsa) is Kora National Park.

Opened in October 1989, 280 kms northeast of Nairobi, it is an easy outing from Meru National Park.

A feature is the sudden appearance of lush green "oases", created by the lines of doum palms which shelter the banks of the Tana River.

Striking are the Inselbergs - isolated rocky outcrops covered in vegetation which create random islands above the plains. Kora has diverse wildlife: 21 species of fish, 500 species of insects, 33 molluscs and 40 reptiles.

Species to view include: elephant, Lesser Kudu, wild dogs, striped and spotted hyena, leopard and cheetah.

Covering an area of 1,787 sq. km2 and bordered by the Tana River, George Adamson's camp was in Kora National Park until he died in August 1989, when the 83-year-old was shot to death in Kora National Reserve by bandits from Somalia when he tried to help a tourist which cost him his life.

Joy Adamson was murdered nine years earlier, in 1980 in the Shaba National Reserve by a discharged formerly employed laborer by Adamson.

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