Kenya Import Regulations for health, firearms & pets

Visitors to Kenya are not allowed to carry firearms.

The government of Kenya guarantees security to every person who visits the country. It is the responsibility of the Government to ensure security to its citizens and non-citizens alike. However professional hunters, who are already registered, members of shooting clubs and residents who might feel that their lives are in danger can apply for firearms to:

The Central Firearms Bureau
P.O Box 30263, Nairobi
Tel: 254 2 725070

Health Entry to Kenya
Immunization against yellow Fever and Cholera are recommended.

Anti-Malaria prevention medications are recommended for those visiting tropical regions.

Import of Pets to Kenya

    License for pets required.
  • A request letter providing the importer's name and address
  • The pet's name
  • Current Health Certificate from the Veterinary Doctor
  • The Fee is $50.00 payable in Money Order to " Kenya Embassy "
  • A return self-addressed envelope, prepaid Priority Mail, Express Mail, FedEx, UPS, Airborne Express, or DHL.

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