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Oman in surrounded on the west by Saudi Arabia, to the northwest by the United Arab Emirates and to the southwest by Yemen. At the east coast of Oman flows the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Oman. Muscat is the capital of Oman and is a broad-based city, free from the hustle and flurry found in many of Arabia's other capital cities such as Dubai, Damascus or Teheran.

The type of weather in Muscat is noticeably different to that of Dhofar. Throughout the winter, Muscat enjoys a temperature of about 30 degree Celsius which drops to 18 Celsius at night. Nonetheless during the summer, Muscat can be 45o-48o Celsius, whereas Dhofar is around 30oCelsius during the monsoon rain.

Oman is to my surprise a very green nation, predominantly in Dhofar, due to its position of the monsoon path. Landscaping and decoration are priorities of the Omani Municipalities and garden, parks and lush knolls line up the main highway. The countryside is wide-ranging, from rocky hills to desert sands, to lush riverbeds.

The Omani population is gracious in welcoming tourists. Even though Arabic is their main tongue, English is often used as the 2nd language. Regardless of their relaxed style, the Omnis are conservative Muslims and respect for their privacy and, in particular to Islam should always be observed.

The ruler of Oman is Sultan Qaboos. He has ruled Oman since 1970 and in almost 40 years he changed his country into one that boasts modern healthcare, a solid education system, telecom networks and an unwavering economy. Although, Sultan Qaboos has decisive power in governing Oman, the daily management of Oman is performed by a variety of Ministries.

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