Sultan of Oman : His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said
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Things to know about Oman

Do I need a health certificate to live and work in Oman?
As from 1 August 2001, all expatriates seeking residency and employment in Oman must have a health certificate from their home country stating that they are free from illness and not carrying any communicable diseases.

Previously, the Communicable Diseases Control Department has issued health certificates for workers passing the stringent examinations. However, CDC also has to reject certain cases: many expatriates have to spend considerable amounts of money to enter Oman, only to find that they fail the health tests and are returned to their home country. Additionally, children aged 12 and above will also need to supply health certificates in order to apply for a residency permit.

How do I get to Oman?
Seeb International Airport, located in Muscat, is served by many international airlines such as British Airways, KLM, Kuwait Airways, Swiss Air and Emirates. The national carrier is Oman Air which flies to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), India, Pakistan, Qatar, Egypt, and Sri Lanka as well as performing domestic flights to Salalah, Masirah Island and Musandam. Taxis or cars can be hired at the airport, or hotels will arrange for transport. Residents in the UAE are able to drive to Oman by road. It is a journey of around 4 - 5 hours from Dubai.

Where can I stay in Oman?
Oman has a number of hotels, ranging in price from 'budget' to 'deluxe'. See list of hotels for further details

Can I use my GSM in Oman?
Yes, Oman supports GSM communications.

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