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Family Residence Visa to Oman

This Family Residence Visa is issued to foreigners who are not eligible for the Family Joining Visa. It is valid for entry within 6 months of its issue date; valid for residence in Oman for two years from the date of entry; renewable; multi-entry. Brothers and sisters must not be over 18 years.

Application Documents required:

  • 1. Specified visa application form, typewritten, signed and stamped by the sponsor.
  • 2. Two 4x6cm photographs of the applicant.
  • 3. Copy of the applicant's passport which must be valid for not less than three months.
  • 4. Copy of the resident's passport who is applying to bring in his family.
  • 5. Duplicate of the employment contract co-signed by the sponsor and the foreign employee and copy of the employee's valid labour card.
  • 6. The 'Undertaking Form' specified for the family-joining visa applications co-signed by the sponsor and the employee.
  • 7. Proof of the relationship between the resident foreigner and the person who is to join him/her, unless the passports prove the relationship.
  • 8. Copy of specimen of the authorized signatures issued by the Ministry of Commerce & Industry.
  • 9. If the application is to be made by a person other than the sponsor, the representative must hold authorization, in writing, from the sponsor.
  • 10. For persons arriving from certain countries, a copy of a medical certificate is required.
  • 11. Copies of both parents' passports.

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