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Padang, the capital of West Sumatra province, is a very beautiful and attractive city but the temperature over here is of an extreme nature and so both summer and winter can be equally enjoyed here. Padang owns the record of the highest rainfall in all of Indonesia. The climate is hot and humid. It is located in West Sumatra and it lies in the mouth of the Padang River. The main port of the city is Teluk Bayur and through this port the city imports coffee, rubber, spices, tobacco etc. In the ancient days Padang used to be a very important port city of Indonesia as it is located near the coalmines, whereas coal was in high demand in Europe and the other parts of the globe.

Fly to Padang
Via Tiger airways or Silkair, Padang can be reached from Jakarta or Singapore. From Singapore harbor even a ferry ship can be taken to arrive at Padang.

What to see in and around Padang
Padang BeachThere are several places which the tourists find very interesting here in Padang such as Taman Hutan Raya Bung Hatta, Bukittinggi, Ngarai Sianok, Batu Sangkar, Padang Panjang, Solok Danau Diatas and Danau Dibawah, Pantai Arta and Kata. The Taman Hutan Raya Bung Hatta is a wide spread botanical garden where many monkeys are protected as well by the garden warden.

Ngarai Sianok is a steep-canyon of about 100-150 meters high. Visitors really love to come and see this place as it is really colorful to see a green valley is surrounded by a river at the bottom. Batu Sangkar is an old town and the center of Minangkabau culture. Those interested in the native lives of Indonesia will find this particular town to be very informative. People get to know a lot about the ancient culture by spending time in this town and by interacting with the local people residing here.

Bukittinggi is a hilly village surrounded by the three volcanoes - Tandikat, Singgalang and Merapi. In spite of the fact of being surrounded by volcanoes the climate in this place is very peasant which suits the tourists who come here.

For those who love music and dance a must visit is Padang Panjang. This place specializes in Minangkabau music and dances and serves as a kind of conservatory for it. Those people who are interested in learning about the past roots of this kind of music and dance would get their answers once they arrive at the place. Pantai Arta and Kata are mainly beach spots and are more popular among the residents here, rather than the tourists. The sandy beaches are perfect for sunbathing and swimming which the tourists enjoy a great deal.

Solok Danau Diatas and Danau Dibawah are perfect getaways where one can hope to enjoy scenic beauty and pleasant weather in spite of the extreme atmosphere of Padang. Because of the extreme nature of the place many tourists face the danger of falling sick but with taking a few precautions this can certainly be avoided or taken care of. Padang should be visited by the occasional tourist.

Map of Padang

Medan Mosque

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