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Croatia Yachting Guide

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Croatia Yacht Charter Travel Guide

Cruising Route 1: North Adriatic

For those who wish to make quests into the cultural and historical richness of Croatia while cruising the  waters of the North Adriatic, there is a recommended cruising route one can take. Its useful to remember that such cruising routes are best charted out by professional guides and tourist offices in Croatia. However, the following cruising route offers the maximum attractions to nature lovers and cultural tourists alike making it a very favourable itinerary to follow.

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One can begin the cruise with  Day 1 at Rovinj: The allure of Rovinj can be every well imagined given that the entire stretch of the Rovinj coast, its surrounding 22 islands and islets are protected natural heritage. Rovinj is a fine example of urban Mediterranean architecture and of the Middle Ages as can be seen in its fortified double walls and three Town Gates.   

Day 2 can be spent watching the serene beauty of the  island of Susak, which is   isolated from the rest of Croatia. Susak boasts of possessing the only sandy beach amongst all  the Croatian islands. Its vineyards, sunny and lush green   produce some of the best wine in the region. The people of Susak have  developed their own  culture, dialect and traditions. 

The Ilovik in Susak (Village and Ruins)-  is the southernmost  island of the Cres - Losinj archipelago which is inhabited. It is also aptly called the island of flowers as every house on the island has flowers blooming in their compound. The beaches are serene, peaceful and scenic. 

The Ilovik – Mali Losinj  is known for its seafaring traditions, its tourist friendly culture and its climate. The story goes that it was this special climate helped cure cure the first visitor of the climatic medical centre in the year 1885. Hospitality of the islanders is well known making it a popular destination with European tourists.

Day 3 can be spent at the Mali Losinj-Rab island which boasts of  one of the most dense forests that can be found in any  Adriatic island, making it the greenest island on the Adriatic. The island is a botanical delight exhibiting various species of plants, even those which are not native to the island. The island also has  more than 300 freshwater springs which provide the island and its people  regular supply of   water .
Day 4 - RAB OSOR
Day 4 on this cruising route will take one to Osor, visibly a small town in present times  but one which is famously  known as "a city museum" due to its rich history. During the ancient times, the Romans ruling Galleys  used Osor as a transit point, reloading their cargoes, so that the ships on the other side could  carry the cargo to further lands. To facilitate the seafarers, a channel was ditched and  the first ever movable bridge was built which even today serves to shorten the route of modern day seafarers.
Day 5 - OSOR - POMER
On Day 5, one can visit Pomer which is  a destination popular with water-sport lovers,  being perfect for activities such as snorkelling and scuba-diving. Its nice long bay with reefs and shoals  beckons nature lovers at the same time.

The final destination on this cruising route will take us to the southernmost part of the Istrian peninsula, Polai which means the source of life. Jason and Medea founded this mythical town of Polai which later became a divine town for the "pleasure of the rich" under the Roman rule. Pula, an ancient town  is definitely worth visiting  with its wonderful mix of country stone houses and modern buildings and its quiet huckleberry shade. There is  a lot to see and experience on this island-  the Amphitheatre, the Triumphal Arch, Augustus Temple, The Double and Hercules Gates. It is said that the beauty and culture of this town has inspired many a famous writer and composer such as Dante, Thomas Mann, James Joyce, Franz Lehar.

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