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Spray Painting Wedding Decorations

When creating the theme for your wedding what weddding planners can do, it can be easy to get caught up in buying all the fancy looking items at your favorite supply store that match each other and the color scheme you have chosen for the reception. However, most decorations with a similar look and color are going to be part of the same line, and this can lead to some pretty expensive prices.

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Luckily, you can save yourself a ton of money by either building some items yourself in the form of craft projects or buy mismatched items and gloss them over with matching paint. By adding a layer of quality paint to some items, you can get that matching look without the costs associated with buying all of your items that way in the first place.

Choosing Your Decorations

The good news about choosing to spray paint your wedding decoration s is that there is a vast selection of quality paints available to tackle pretty much any job. There is even spray paint that works for plastics, so there isn’t much off limits. Things like wicker centerpieces, flower vases, and even some discount sparklers can be painted with a very cheap spray paint. In the end, if you really want to make an item match using paint, there is probably a way to get it done.

Painting the Decorations

Once you have chosen the wedding decorations you want to paint along with a color that matches your theme, you will want to get your workspace put together. All the usual rules will apply that are crucial to any project using spray paint such as laying down plastic or newspaper under your items to ensure any overspray doesn’t damage your desk, garage floor, or whatever other service your using.

You will also want to use masking tape to protect any areas of your wedding decorations that you don’t want to have painted, and you should remove any loose components that you can such as ribbons, bows, or other accent trinkets; particularly if they are fabric.

Design Tips

One of the best design tips I can give is to break up your color scheme a bit to give your wedding reception a little diversity rather than blanketing everything in one solid color. Alternating the colors of your centerpieces between pink, white, and violet is just one example of how complimenting colors can look nicer than just choosing one. If you are very handy with craft projects, you can even use masking tape separate certain areas of your wedding decorations to have different colors or make designs that will be revealed when the tape is removed after painting.

By using some creativity and taking your time, you can alter your favorite wedding decorations to look like they were manufactured to be part of the same set by only using some inexpensive spray paint found at any local store.

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