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The UAE is a country that provides a very suitable environment for visitors who come as a family. Children are treated with special care everywhere inside the country be it in the hotels or tourist spots. All major hotels in the country provide baby sitting facilities. Food service in hotels give special attention to very small children and infants. Hotels also provide fun and frolic to children with their amusement and theme parks. Children below the age of 12 are given discounts at most museums, amusement parks, swimming pools and entertainment centres.

Women travellers are given prior importance in the United Arab Emirates in order to satisfy their travelling needs. First and foremost concern for them is their safety and in every way the country helps to provide full security while travelling.The U.A.E. is extremely safe for women travellers, nevertheless women travelling alone are a novelty and you may find yourself the focus of unwanted attention. You will probably have a more relaxed visit if you stay in one of the four or five star hotels, especially if you can use the hotel's private beach facilities. Women in the United Arab Emirates have a much more liberal lifestyle than many of their Gulf counterparts (i.e. women are permitted to drive, work etc) however, women travellers should be aware that they are visiting a society which has strong traditional roots.

If you wish to avoid hassle or risk causing offence, do not wear tight or revealing clothes away from the beach clubs and resorts. You will also find that clothing suitable for the more cosmopolitan cities may not be comfortable or convenient for independent travel in rural areas. Loose trousers and a long sleeved cotton shirt will satisfy a wide range of situations. When socializing in local company wait until a hand is offered to you for a handshake, some devout Muslims prefer not to shake hands with a woman. Ignore unwelcome comments and above all maintain a sense of humour. Remember that one advantage of being a woman in the United Arab Emirates is that women are normally served first and banks and post offices, police stations and other government offices frequently have separate queues for women. This would make a awesome comfort for every woman in The U.A.E.

Several five-star hotels have specially-adapted rooms and other facilities for handicapped people. With the help of such advance facilities given by the hotels people who require extra care can live comfortably and spend their holidays in an enjoyable way forgetting their worries. Such people are given first preference and are treated good.

In June 2001 Emirates airline designated a special handling area at departures and arrivals for passengers with special needs. As a result, wheelchair passengers will receive a more personalized service. Changes such as these are often noticed all over the place, establishing all requirements needed for disabled people.

Remarkably, the United Arab Emirates was one of only two countries with no reported cases of holiday illnesses recorded in a survey by the leading British consumer magazine, "Holiday Which?". This is a tribute to the success of government immunization programmes, provision of adequate clean water and high standards of cleanliness in hotels and restaurants. The government is focusing on totally eradicating travel borne illnesses by various measures starting from cleaning to medical ailment.

Vaccinations No special immunizations are required, however it would be wise to check beforehand if you are travelling from a health-risk area. Tetanus inoculations are usually recommended if you are considering a long trip. Polio has been virtually eradicated in the United Arab Emirates and hepatitis is very rare and can be avoided by taking precautions. Hepatitis A is transmitted by contaminated food and water, Hepatitis B, C, D through sexual contact, the use of unsterilized needles and blood transfusions.

There are very few mosquitoes in the towns and cities and, since it is not considered to be a risk, malaria tablets are rarely prescribed for travel in the UAE. However, mosquitoes will find you if you are camping near the mountains or exploring wadis or date groves in the evening, so cover up and use a suitable insect repellent as it is always safer to avoid being bitten. If you are in any doubt consult your doctor or your nearest tropical medical centre before your trip.

The sun can be fierce throughout the year so sunstroke and heat exhaustion are always a risk. Adequate sunglasses, hats and high factor sunscreens are essential, especially for children. It is always recommended to have these items in hand to escape from the scorching sun. Have enough supply of clean drinking water.

Health Insurance
Public hospitals, where the medical facilities are very good, will deal with emergencies free of cost, however it would be wise to take out medical insurance to cover all eventualities, especially if you need to attend a private hospital or clinic where treatment can be quite expensive. In all instances, medical procedures, including the use of sterilized needles and the provision of blood transfusions are very reliable. A proper health insurance will be of great significance when meeting high expenses.

In case of emergency and need of doctor you can contact your hotel or ring up your embassy for recommendations. They will surely provide you or recommend you to some doctor. And if you feel that you can do it all then get in touch with any private hospital.

Most medicines are readily available at pharmacies. Each emirate has at least one pharmacy open 24 hours a day. Check in local newspapers for information. In some parts of the Emirates a 24-hour municipality emergency number (Abu Dhabi 02 777 929; Dubai 04 2232323) lists the locations of open chemists.

Good dentists are readily available, including orthodontists.

Alternative medicine
Chinese medicine is readily available. There is also a homeopathic hospital.

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