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There are numerous avenues to choose from when traveling to or within Thailand. If you wish to fly, there is Don Muang International Airport. It's North of Bangkok approximately 14 miles (22km). It is on Vibhavadi Rangsit Highway. Contact them at (02) 535-1301 or (02) 535-1254. There are numerous Airlines in arranging your flight from the country. The new Suvarnabhumi Airport is located on Bangna.

Airlines are listed below:

* Air Canada: (02) 233-5900
* Air France: (02) 233-9477
* American Airlines: (02) 252-3520
* Bangkok Airways: (02) 535-2498
* British Airways: (02) 236-8655
* Canadian Airlines: (02) 251-4521
* Cathay Pacific: (02) 233-6105
* China Airlines: (02) 253-4438
* Continental Airlines: (02) 231-0113
* Delta Airlines: (02) 237-6837
* Japan Airlines: (02) 233-2440
* Korean Airlines: (02) 234-9283
* Lufthansa German Airlines: (02) 264-2402
* Philippine Airlines: (02) 233-2350
* Qantas: (02) 235-9193
* Singapore Airlines: (02) 236-0440
* Swissair: (02) 233-2930
* Thai: (02) 233-3810
* TWA: (02) 233-7290
* United Airlines: (02) 251-6006

Travel by rail to Thailand
Taking a train is another form of transportation in Thailand. You can take the International Express. You can travel from Butterworth (Penang) all the way to Hat Yai as well as Bangkok. There isn't even a transfer of trains. You can find service that will connect in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. The express operates daily and offers first and second-class tickets for the trip. There are fewer delays at the border now.

The train, which offers only first- and second-class tickets, now operates every day. Border delays, which used to be a problem on the trains, are less frequent. You will arrive the same evening in Kuala Lumpur after leaving Singapore that very morning. You might consider spending the night or head north to Butterworth (Penang). The International Express is appealing to many romantics and is thought to have the most luxury in all of Southeastern Asia. The best tip for travelers is to take shorter journeys because the full-length trip is very exhausting. The train system will link towns to the capital of Thailand. The southern most route will take you into both Malaysia and Singapore. There are first, second, and third-class tickets for the domestic express, however slower trains may only offer third-class seating. Any questions in reference to the schedules please feel free to contact the Bangkok Railway Station at (02) 223-7010 or (02) 223-7020.

Travel by car within Thailand
Thirdly, you could travel around the country by car. You will find this to be an exquisite country to travel. The traffic is quite hectic in Bangkok, but everywhere else people seem to get around just fine. Those who are native English speaking people would enjoy traveling the highways because the signs are very often in the English language as well as being in good condition. If renting a car, be sure to check your car before you hand your money. A good tip to know is in order to drive you must obtain an international driver's license as well as insurance. That is mandatory when driving in Thailand.

Travel by bus within Thailand
The last form of transportation would be by bus. There is only access by road going from Malaysia into Thailand. Occasionally there are buses going between the two. Riding the bus is a clean and fast way to travel. It's relatively comfortable for those taking short trips. They have movies and reclining seats. There is a choice of air or non-air conditioned buses going major routes. The independent companies charge higher prices but you receive a complimentary meal as well as you will be taken to and from your hotel.

Bus Terminals within Bangkok
There are three terminals to choose from. Bangkok's Northeastern Bus Terminal is the first one. If you wish to have air conditioning then call, (02) 279-4484 or (02) 279-4487. But if you would rather ride the regular bus then call (02) 271-0101 or (02) 271-0105. The second is Bangkok's Southern Bus Terminal. To ride in air conditioning call (02) 435-1190 or (02) 435-1200. Or if you would rather take the regular bus then call (02) 434-5558. The last is Bangkok's Eastern Bus Terminal. You will be able to arrange for air conditioning by calling (02) 392-9227 or (02) 391-9829. The regular buses you can reach at (02) 391-2504 or (02) 392-2521.

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