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Tunisia Travel Guide

Tunisia is more than an outstanding destination to play golf throughout the year: on a small facade you can discover real deserts with beautiful oasis, historical cities, plenty of carpets and excellent beaches. Collective with an excellent temperature, nice and charming people and first-class opportunities for a comfortable holiday makes Tunisia a well-liked destination.

One of the mores outstanding features of a visit to Tunisia is that all cities you visit have a long history.

Tunisia has been a part of Fenician, Carthagesian, Roman and Arab empires and they all left their beautiful traces behind. Tunis and Carthage date back to pre-roman times, El Jem has its own Colloseum. Kairouan is considered a young city; it was founded in the 6th century by Arabs.

The coast of Tunisia is beautiful and towns such as Mahdia, Sousse, Sfax and Monastir are worth a visit as those beaches are quite nice. You might try to avoid staying in the big tourist traps on the coast; as it is quite hard to appreciate and feel the real Tunisian life.

The west is rugged mountain land. One of the coolest things to do here is take the 'lezard rouge' in Metlaoui. The lezard is a train from 1920 that winds its way through mountain gorges. The south of Tunisia is mostly desert. A striking sight in this region are the cave dwellings in Matmata. The island of Djerba is also a great place to go in the south. Welcoming visitors to its shores has long been an honored Tunisian tradition and an impressive infrastructure of modern hotels, restaurants, international airports, tourism offices.

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